Whether you are in Australia soaking up the summer heat or walking through the winter Christmas markets sipping mulled wine in London, there is no hiding the fact that the Silly Season is upon us. Only 5 sleeps until the most wonderful day of the year; Christmas.  Continue reading “A HEALTHY SILLY SEASON”


So the number one silent rule in the fitness industry is… “Never Miss a Monday”!! So here is a quick (but killer) HIIT workout you can do in the lounge room to tick off your Monday sweat sess. Firstly HIIT huh?? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. If you have heard the buzz surrounding it, you now that it’s a super fast, very effective way to work out. Basically HIIT involves short intense bursts of exercise with less intense moves or complete rest in between. The reason why so many people are loving HIIT at the moment is because it is crazy efficient as you only need to spend 15-30 minutes in the gym whilst still coming out with the same if not more benefits as the usual 1 hour class. When you turn up the intensity on your workout you are making your heart work harding as your heart rate sky rockets. Continue reading “HIIT; NEVER MISS A MONDAY”


When it comes to dieting and eating right there are SOOO many different fads and diet rules that you SHOULD follow? But should you? The short answer is NO. The long answer… well grab a cuppa and keep reading! The motto of this post is … Whatever will make you most likely to consistently eat the way you are supposed to eat, THAT’S how you should eat. Whatever is most convenient, enjoyable and sustainable for YOU is the exact way YOU should organise your diet. Continue reading “WHEN, WHAT AND HOW TO EAT”


“Motivation is what gets you started – habit is what keeps you going”

 Gone are the days of being a university student – flexible hours, catching up with friends, home all day long and sleeping in! Now living out of home in a city working full-time – trying to fit in a workout is tough… especially as winter approaches!!! Here come the frosty winter mornings … -6 degrees outside and pitch black when the alarm goes off at 5.30. Stubbing toes in search of the bathroom, blinding ourselves with the heat lights and having to carry cups of hot water out to the car to pour on the windscreen. Yes I am talking about a Canberra winter!! Continue reading “12 WAYS TO CONQUER THE EARLY MORNING WORKOUT”


When it comes to eating healthy and working out, I rarely fall off the bandwagon. My daily routine consists of leafy greens, my morning coffee, sweaty gym sessions, stretching (and of course sitting on my bum 9-5… yes it’s not all lululemon and relaxing) But despite being a health nut/gym rat, there is one thing that has always stumped me… What to eat before and after a workout? and when? Continue reading “EATING BEFORE AND AFTER A WORKOUT?”


This Ab burner is by the wonderful Kiera Underwood – check out her blog >> HERE!! I saw this one morning whilst scrolling through my instagram and thought “oh yeah that looks simple enough I might try that at the end of my next workout” but believe me IT”S A KILLER!! Continue reading “FAB AB WORKOUT”

2015 – LET’S DO THIS

Sorry to everyone for the LACK OF posting and commitment over the summer holidays. I was too busy soaking up the sun, spending time with my loved ones, eating amazing foods and having an absolute BALL back in my home city!!! BUT I’m back and have plenty of new and exciting things in store for you all.

Lucky for us, living in the beautiful country of Australia, means that our Christmas holidays are full of summer heat and beautiful coastlines. Many families escape to the coast for weeks of BBQ’s, beach walks, outdoor cricket, swimming, hammock time and other active living activities in the sun.

jumoYes I ate whatever I wanted. Yes I drank to excess (so not me). Yes I ate copious amounts of chocolate. Yes I nibbled all arvo long on cheese platters. Yes I REGRET NOTHING and yes I HAD THE BEST TIME!

The most important part about getting back from holidays, both mentally and physically is accepting the time off and then getting back into routine. But it’s not that simple. After having a month off your fitness levels will most likely have decreased (don’t worry this is easy to get back) and your body isn’t used to your normal training routine. You need to ease back into it. My first class back was a lovely ‘body balance’ mix of Yoga, Tai chi and Pilates, and let me tell you I was sore even after a few downward dogs and sun salutations.




  • Do take it easy. Ease back into the gym and allow your body time to recover and rest
  • Do drink lots of water. Aim for 2 Litres per day. Post on drinking water>> HERE
  • Do stretch your muscles after a workout. This is just as important as the actual workout. Post on stretches >> HERE
  • Do warm up and cool down where appropriate
  • Do make friends with salad. It’s the perfect time of the year for yummy salads. Post on festive salads>> HERE



  • Don’t over commit or set unrealistic challenges/goals
  • Don’t make silly resolutions and cut out food groups or ban certain foods. Telling yourself you will NOT eat chocolate will only make you crave it more. Everything in moderation!!!
  • Don’t think you will lose weight by eating less. Just eat right. Post on the ten foods you should be eating daily >> HERE
  • Don’t feel guilty for what you may or may not have don’t over the holidays. They are supposed to be enjoyed and indulgent. Post on indulgent eating and cheat meals 20% of the time >> HERE
  • Don’t compare yourselves to others. What might be your beginning might be someone else’s end.


Don’t worry if before Christmas you could do 10 push ups on your toes and now you can barely pump out 2. Good things take time – trust the process!





Fruit mince tarts, sangria, biscotti, rum balls, beer, champagne, glazed hams? Have I got you guys drooling yet? I don’t know about you but you had me at fruit mince tarts!!! Yes I have noticed that woolies and bakers delight have been stocking fruit mince tarts for a while now and YES I have consumed (only) 2 thus far… and its not even December I know!!

Before you know it the silly season will be upon us and eating and drinking in excess will become the norm. But why do we do it to ourselves? Firstly its just ‘that time of the year’, or we don’t want to offend peoples baking abilities and general lack of discipline. But we all do it so lets not be too harsh!

How many of you will have a new years resolution that contains something about getting fit, losing weight or being healthy? Let me just tell you one thing… DONT WAIT UNTIL THE NEW YEAR. Be the healthiest and best version of yourself right NOW and throughout the whole festive season.

With the silly season only DAYS away we want to look our best so here are three things that we can do daily to avoid the silly season bulge:

1. Detox your body with lemon and water; no I am NOT talking about the ridiculous lemon detox diet or some ‘lose 5kg in a week’ detox. Trust me they wont work and you will be doing so much damage to your overall health and well being. Simply squeeze 1/2 a lemon into water or put it into your water bottle for the day. The lemon will wake up your metabolism and get your digestion moving! (lemon water and hydration blog post here)

2. Move your body; set yourself a goal like ‘3 walks’ or ‘3 gym sessions’ this week. (Just don’t make them too unrealistic or unachievable.) Take the stairs rather than the lift, go for a walk to the nearest coffee shop at morning tea time (which is only 4 meters away so that wont work for me), go for an evening walk with your partner or friend, stretch in front of the tv, do 20 squats whilst waiting for the microwave to beep or brushing your teeth… what ever it is… get that body moving!! (ab work out here)

3. Eat Fats, Proteins and Carbs; This is one of THE BIGGEST food rules that will ensure you don’t get food cravings or sugar swings and will keep you feeling satisfied and full for longer. I consistently eat protein, fat and carbohydrates at EVERY meal or snack and have found this the major reason behind my speedy metabolism and overall weight loss. Some perfect combos include; rice cakes boiled eggs with avocado, rye toast with peanut butter and banana, bliss balls, yoghurt with berries and granola, watermelon with feta, apple with cheese, banana nut smoothie, avocado cacao mousse (recipe here), celery with almond butter, dates with almonds, tuna rice and beans and so on! Carbs are your friends (blog post on Carbs here)


Do these 3 things daily and enjoy your silly season. Remember you can be silly and healthy at the same time!!