This Ab burner is by the wonderful Kiera Underwood – check out her blog >> HERE!! I saw this one morning whilst scrolling through my instagram and thought “oh yeah that looks simple enough I might try that at the end of my next workout” but believe me IT”S A KILLER!!


1 minute plank

25 reverse crunches

1 minute plank

25 butterfly sit ups

1 minute plank

25 jack knives

1 minute plank

25 leg lowers



Thank me for it later!!

Tips: make sure you drop to your knees in plank AS SOON as you feel pressure of tension in your back. It should be 100% abs no back pain. Push your abs to the ceiling in plank and hold tight up through the arm pits.

When you are doing the leg lowers, place your hands under your bottom for support and hold a fist to elevate your hips to make it easier.

If double leg jack knives are too much strain on your back stick to single leg. You will get more out of it when completed correctly.



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