There are 24 hours in a day. 1440 minutes in a day. Therefore 15 minutes is 1.042% of a day. Can you spare 1% of that for a workout?

No time for a workout? Think again! You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the gym to see results. In fact it is quite the opposite. Would it change your dreaded thought of the gym if you knew you could get in and out with a terrific sweat all within 30 minutes? Well YOU CAN!

15 minutes is ALL you need to get a good workout! These days there is more and more evidence to support that tabatta and circuit style High Intensity workouts are the highest fat burners and give you the best results. Gone are the days of hours of cardio slogging on the treadmill. The catch? You better be working to your absolute MAX effort for those 15 minutes.

Try this 15 minute full body workout next time you are heading to the gym or stuck for time. You don’t need any gym equipment just a step, chair or bench.


40 seconds on – 20 seconds REST

Body weight Squats

Bicycle crunches

Step ups

Push ups

Tricep dips

Skipping or high knees

Rest 1 -2 minutes

Repeat (total of 2 rounds)


Be explosive with your movements and don’t stop until the 40 seconds is up! Enjoy your 20 seconds rest and move on to the next exercise! You will be all done within 15 minutes so keep pushing!

Good luck



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