Want a quick “get in get out” workout that will torch calories and give you a BIG sweat?? Try this cardio count down killer session. It will take you between 20 and 25 minutes and it is a goodie!!


You need: Skipping rope, Box or bench and a mat…. GO!!

100 skips 10 push ups 10 box jumps 10 leg raises

90 skips 9 push ups 9 box jumps 9 leg raises

80 skips 8 push ups 8 box jumps 8 leg raises

70 skips 7 push ups 7 box jumps 7 leg raises

60 skips 6 push ups 6 box jumps 6 leg raises

50 skips 5 push ups 5 box jumps 5 leg raises

40 skips 4 push ups 4 box jumps 4 leg raises

3 skips 3 push ups 3 box jumps 3 leg raises

20 skips 2 push ups 2 box jumps 2 leg raises

10 skips 1 push up 1 box jump 1 leg raise


Workout thanks to Ashley Freeman! That chick is killer!!!!!!!!


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