I am Katie Morgan. I am here to spread my passion, knowledge and love for all things fitness, health and wellbeing. 7 years have passed since I embarked on this self-committed healthy lifestyle to become a better version of myself and boy has it been a journey. Every fad, diet, detox, 12 week guide… i’ve tried it. They didn’t work. But finding something you love and can do forever is the key to a balanced body and mind. Once you start feeling great in your own skin, you start to shine and that outweighs anything temporary abdominal definition can give you.

This passion for fitness and wellbeing turned into my career in 2015 when I got my fitness instructor qualification. The last 3 years I have been making peoples butts and lives uplifted whilst working as a Pilates instructor at one of London’s leading boutique studios. I became a Pre and Post Natal trainer to gain further knowledge about how fitness can positively impact your pregnancy and recovery post birth. I adore being on the journey with my clients and our sessions are there to support and empower them through their pregnancy and into motherhood.






I am an absolute grandma who loves a quiet Saturday night in with great movie or game, plenty of snacks and a good laugh. I am obsessed with cooking and all things peanut butter, will stop and pat any cocker spaniel on the street (or pregnant belly if that wasn’t totally unacceptable) and am always getting the words wrong but singing loud anyway. I love my veggie garden but can’t keep an indoor plant alive to save myself. And love family most of all!

Follow me on this journey of living a healthy, happy life. “Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live forever” – Jim Rohn


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    1. Hi Lauren!! Wow that’s awesome. thank you so much! glad my blog inspires you. just had a cheeky look at your blog too and its seriously amazing! love the styling and your gorgeous recipes. I will get onto answering those questions now and get back to you!! thanks gorgeous have a wonderful day!

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