When it comes to dieting and eating right there are SOOO many different fads and diet rules that you SHOULD follow? But should you? The short answer is NO. The long answer… well grab a cuppa and keep reading! The motto of this post is … Whatever will make you most likely to consistently eat the way you are supposed to eat, THAT’S how you should eat. Whatever is most convenient, enjoyable and sustainable for YOU is the exact way YOU should organise your diet. Continue reading “WHEN, WHAT AND HOW TO EAT”


This week has been a shocker for a good nights sleep. Tossing and turning, waking and checking the time, multiple toilet stops and generally taking AGGGEEESSSS to fall asleep. Waking up tired and falling asleep at my desk by the end of the day. But why? The answer is who knows. Everyone is different. Some people can sleep sitting up in chairs, on planes or on a couch within the flick of a switch. Others struggle.

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