“The rise of the healthy latte is taking Sydney by storm. From ‘superfood’ tonics and coffee alternatives, to organic traditional roasts brewed with fresh nut milks, these chic and healthy new beverages are gracing café tables everywhere and redefining the term ‘latte’ itself.” – Out in Sydney.

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This Ab burner is by the wonderful Kiera Underwood – check out her blog >> HERE!! I saw this one morning whilst scrolling through my instagram and thought “oh yeah that looks simple enough I might try that at the end of my next workout” but believe me IT”S A KILLER!! Continue reading “FAB AB WORKOUT”


Summer bodies are made in the winter… but now winter is over… have I failed or left it too late?

 Gone are the days of being a university student – flexible hours, catching up with friends, home all day long and sleeping in! Now living out of home in a city working full-time – trying to fit in a workout is tough… especially in winter!!! But gone are also the frosty winter mornings … seriously about time!! No longer -6 degrees outside and pitch black when the alarm goes off at 5.30. No more stubbing toes in search of the bathroom, blinding ourselves with the heat lights and having to carry cups of hot water out to the car to pour on the windscreen. If you were one of those incredible humans who fought the icy blackness and made it to at least one early morning gym session then good on you.

 Ever heard of the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter?” Now don’t look at this and think – well the winter is over and it’s too late to get into shape before summer so I will just give up! Another year – another 2 kilos stacked on during hibernation that you never manage to lose before Christmas? And then let me guess… your new year’s resolution is to detox, lose weight and get fit. Sound familiar? Firstly scrap those ridiculous new year’s resolutions and last-minute detox and diet fads. Your time is now and you are in training to be healthy for life. There is still plenty of time left to get ‘healthy’ before Christmas but the best part about committing to a healthy lifestyle is that is doesn’t have an end date. And to be honest who wants to work their butts off (literally) over the next 3 months and then blow out and quit as soon as Christmas hits?

For me, the idea of going to the gym in the evening after work makes me want to curl up in a ball or just get into bed. I am way too exhausted and hungry so getting my butt to the gym first thing in the morning before my brain realises what I am doing is the only option. Here are some simple tips to make getting to that early morning session a little easier. I know I need every little bit of help and encouragement that’s for sure.