“What is Pilates? …Oh I thought you said Pie and Lattes”

There seems to be a little confusion lately about Pilates and what it actually is.

“Pilates…. Oh I thought you said pie and lattes.” – unknown

Let’s go back to the beginning and get a few things straight. In the 1920’s a man called Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates Method as a way of strengthening his body to overcome his various ailments. He noticed that a man balanced in body, mind and spirit was the greatest version of man. Joseph Pilates called his workout method “the thinking man’s exercise.” Continue reading ““What is Pilates? …Oh I thought you said Pie and Lattes””


It is a bank holiday weekend here in London which means an extra indulgent weekend is about to begin. Make sure you set time aside today to get a quick sweat on so you can relax for the rest of the weekend. Try my quick full body circuit which can be done in the gym, at the park or at home (all you need is a bench). HAPPY FRIDAY !!  Continue reading “BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND WORKOUT”


So it is officially AUGUST!  Which means we are well and truly over half way through 2016 (whaaaaaa?) I know how did this happen? And the health and fitness industry has seen some huge changes, fads and additions already. Float baths are the newest of the relaxation and recovery methods, fitness trackers and technology are taking over our arms and bodies, carbs are BACK (woop woop) and people are sipping beetroot lattes… yes you read that right, beetroot I know!! Continue reading “HOTTEST HEALTH AND FITNESS TRENDS OF 2016”


Traveling, although relaxing, can take its toll on your body. Especially with those long haul flights and hours and hours spent sitting in transit. I recently flew to Bali for my sisters wedding all the way from London.  The total flight time was 19hours, yep sitting on my bum, so you can imagine how tight my hip flexors were. I did a little stretch series before getting on the plane and again during the quick stop over to relieve the lower back, hip flexors and tight hips. Nothing too dramatic just a couple of easy stretches which got some pretty weird looks from other airport goers. Give it a go. Continue reading “FLIGHT MODE”


It is good to mix up your gym routines and do different classes / styles of training. From zumba to swimming, from walking to weight circuits and from pilates to body attack. It’s all good and will all be doing different great things to your body. But what is the ‘quickest’ way to burn 300 calories? Continue reading “THE QUICKEST WAY TO BURN 300 CALORIES?”


Brunchoga is what every Sunday should involve. What is it? Well it’s just brunch and yoga. Because there is nothing better than a coffee and some smashed avo to go with that post yoga feel. It means you can dine in your activewear too! But with xmas around the corner it is also not the time to be throwing dollar bills around which can mean saying no to brunchoga. Well WRONG! You can do/have brunchoga for free in your own lounge room without leaving the house. Continue reading “BRUNCHOGA”



Want the hottest workout tracks of November so far? These songs are loud with a great beat to lift your mood and get your heart rate firing! But isn’t that what we need to get that awesome sweat dripping workout under the belt. I am the one in the gym whose ear phones are so loud you can comfortably listen to my music standing meters away from me. Yes this is bad for your ears, and my lovely other half constantly tells me to turn it down (and he is completely correct) although how am I expected to do a burpee without J-Lo blasting in my ear to ‘get right’ ? Continue reading “BEAT IT; WORKOUT PLAYLIST”


So the number one silent rule in the fitness industry is… “Never Miss a Monday”!! So here is a quick (but killer) HIIT workout you can do in the lounge room to tick off your Monday sweat sess. Firstly HIIT huh?? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. If you have heard the buzz surrounding it, you now that it’s a super fast, very effective way to work out. Basically HIIT involves short intense bursts of exercise with less intense moves or complete rest in between. The reason why so many people are loving HIIT at the moment is because it is crazy efficient as you only need to spend 15-30 minutes in the gym whilst still coming out with the same if not more benefits as the usual 1 hour class. When you turn up the intensity on your workout you are making your heart work harding as your heart rate sky rockets. Continue reading “HIIT; NEVER MISS A MONDAY”


To kick off week two of #NutritionalNovember why not start with some girl power preaching. This post seems relevant considering a female jockey, Michelle Payne, won the Melbourne Cup for the first time ever on Tuesday last week and it sure as hell caused a few raised eye brows amongst the gents… but all I can say is GO GURL!!! With the ever-growing health and fitness industry women are becoming more and more independent and successful. There are so many women CEO’s absolutely killing it and slowly (but surely) taking over the world. Bit dramatic? Check out my top 6 and make up your own mind.

Continue reading “GURL POWER”