Summer bodies are made in the winter… but now winter is over… have I failed or left it too late?

 Gone are the days of being a university student – flexible hours, catching up with friends, home all day long and sleeping in! Now living out of home in a city working full-time – trying to fit in a workout is tough… especially in winter!!! But gone are also the frosty winter mornings … seriously about time!! No longer -6 degrees outside and pitch black when the alarm goes off at 5.30. No more stubbing toes in search of the bathroom, blinding ourselves with the heat lights and having to carry cups of hot water out to the car to pour on the windscreen. If you were one of those incredible humans who fought the icy blackness and made it to at least one early morning gym session then good on you.

 Ever heard of the saying “summer bodies are made in the winter?” Now don’t look at this and think – well the winter is over and it’s too late to get into shape before summer so I will just give up! Another year – another 2 kilos stacked on during hibernation that you never manage to lose before Christmas? And then let me guess… your new year’s resolution is to detox, lose weight and get fit. Sound familiar? Firstly scrap those ridiculous new year’s resolutions and last-minute detox and diet fads. Your time is now and you are in training to be healthy for life. There is still plenty of time left to get ‘healthy’ before Christmas but the best part about committing to a healthy lifestyle is that is doesn’t have an end date. And to be honest who wants to work their butts off (literally) over the next 3 months and then blow out and quit as soon as Christmas hits?

For me, the idea of going to the gym in the evening after work makes me want to curl up in a ball or just get into bed. I am way too exhausted and hungry so getting my butt to the gym first thing in the morning before my brain realises what I am doing is the only option. Here are some simple tips to make getting to that early morning session a little easier. I know I need every little bit of help and encouragement that’s for sure.


 1. Plan an early night

Now if being tucked up in bed at 9pm, lunch box packed, breakfast oats soaking, face all cleansed and night cream on doesn’t sound like you that’s ok. But the absolute key to getting up early is being prepared and making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a very important part of healthy living and you should be aiming to clock between 7-8 hours of shut-eye a night to allow your body to fully recover and to refresh your mind. So do the maths – if you need to be up at 5.30am then aim to have those lights switched off by 9.30pm. Most importantly avoid bright screens by turning off the television, mobile phone and laptop.


  1. Get your gym gear out

Lay it out on the floor so you don’t have a choice but to stumble over it. Or if you have a significant other who turning the light on will annoy or disturb, lay out your gym gear out in the bathroom so you can do the dark dash and get dressed in there whilst others sleep. Shoes, tights, singlet, sports bra, socks… Check!! And don’t forget the water bottle and car keys. Make sure you know where all these things are to avoid delirious searches around the house when you could be out the door. The best part about exercising in the morning is you are out the door before your mind figures out what you are doing.


  1. Get a gym buddy – make it social

If turning the alarm off and sleeping that extra 90 minutes is too easy then get a gym buddy and make a date out of it. Commit to going to a walk and meeting them on a corner nearby or at the gym. That way you will feel less likely to roll over and snooze when you have committed to someone and don’t want to let them down. Just make sure you agree on a latest bail time for the “nup not today” text to avoid one person already up and dressed waiting.


  1. Reward yourself

One of the biggest parts to getting up early for me is knowing that there is a reward at the end. And this doesn’t mean a 1 hour cross fit class followed by a double mocha super shake and 3 bacon and egg Mc Muffins. I am talking about something healthy and rewarding like a huge bowl of oats/bircher muesli or a soy chai latte at work. Something that you can say ‘ok I worked my butt off this morning whilst everyone else was asleep – I deserve this’. Someone once said to me ‘you are not a dog so don’t reward yourself with food’. Set yourself a goal or something that you need to work towards before you get your ‘reward’. For example “if I get up and do 4x 6am classes this week or for the next month then I will buy myself the latest Nike free runs.” Although let’s be honest… If I know that my oats are at home waiting me to dive into – literally face first, or a creamy hot large soy flat white is on the menu as I enter work than I am more motivated to exercise knowing my reward is waiting.


  1. Buy new gym gear

Hate to say that you should be spending MORE money on top of your gym membership but a new gym outfit can be just the motivation that we need. Especially with the gorgeous floral and colourful spring range at LuluLemon and LornaJane!


  1. Follow a health and fitness junky on instagram

Someone who will motivate you daily to get out of bed and be a better you. A few of my absolute favourites are @amandabisk @strongisthenewskinny @sweatandoranges @fit_with_el @tashoakley @iza_goulart @stephclairesmith These beautiful women know a thing or two about a healthy lifestyle and have the most amazing, fit, strong bodies and minds!! Personally if I skip the gym I don’t want to scroll instagram because I am waaaaaay too competitive and it kills me seeing that she got up and worked out whilst I stayed in bed. No wonder she looks like that and I…well I am a work in progress I like to think!


  1. Write it down

Pre plan your exercise in your diary. I don’t know how OCD you are or how much you use your diary but if you are anything like me – I will do that dreaded 6am attack class just so I don’t have to use the messy white out AGAIN and muck up my week. Try writing your planned gym sessions down or ticking off a sheet when you complete a gym session.


8. Set multiple alarms

And I am not talking about a second alarm a few minutes later or the snooze button. After a sleep over at one of my girlfriend’s house I learnt that she uses multiple alarm DEVICES. One being a highly annoying honking sounding alarm clock that is on her desk about 5 steps away and out of bed. The only way you can turn this alarm off is by getting up and walking over to it so you are less likely to hop back into bed or hit snooze and roll over. Bombard yourself with obnoxious alarms, radios, music devices or set the television to come on and wake up in a more friendly environment watching some tv.


 9. Sign up to a class

Sign up for a class or pre pay so you can’t bail without some sort of financial loss. Schedule in advance a prepaid yoga class or a personal training session (and they are not cheap). That way if you know you will lose money if you skip it you might be more inclined to get that morning session under your belt!


 10. Be realistic

Set a goal to get up 2 mornings this week. Don’t plan to work out every morning if you are just starting or trying to get into the swing of things. Don’t overdo it. Your body will be sore and lethargic and you won’t be able to keep it up. But remember that a small session is better than none. If you decide to sleep that extra hour then challenge yourself to a 1 minute plank or 20 squats when your feet hit the floor.


11. Get into a routine

Bed at the same time and awake at the same time. Even if you aren’t getting up to face the gruelling cold and gym – do 30 minutes of stretching and spend the extra 30 mins making yourself a cooked breakfast and watching the morning show or news. Your body likes to be in a routine so make a conscious effort to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.


12. Remember why you started

The results – the happier and healthier you!! Maybe it’s the endorphins but I always feel like I am invincible leaving the gym. And although you might feel sluggish getting out the door – the first step, rep or punch is always the hardest and you will be sweaty and fierce within moments. You can’t help but leave the gym feeling invigorated. Working out at night – is just not an option – I am way too tired and hungry and exhausted after a busy day at work. It is much harder to hit the gym on the way home from work when you could always just skip it and go home for a hot shower and dinner.



You will feel better for it

You never feel like going to the gym after work or in the evening

You can get it over and done with

You will be more alert and happier

You will have more energy throughout the day


And the best part about exercising early …. Is breakfast!!! … “One more rep… mmm oats…. 10 more seconds… mmmm peanut butter toast… 10 burpees to finish… mmmm protein shake!!”


What ever gets you out of bed and exercising to be the best you… just DO it!! You only ever regret the workout you DIDN’T do! Why not try my kettlebell workout one morning? HERE 



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