Traveling, although relaxing, can take its toll on your body. Especially with those long haul flights and hours and hours spent sitting in transit. I recently flew to Bali for my sisters wedding all the way from London.  The total flight time was 19hours, yep sitting on my bum, so you can imagine how tight my hip flexors were. I did a little stretch series before getting on the plane and again during the quick stop over to relieve the lower back, hip flexors and tight hips. Nothing too dramatic just a couple of easy stretches which got some pretty weird looks from other airport goers. Give it a go.

QUAD STRETCH; Standing tall with a neutral spine, reach behind and grab your left ankle keeping your knees together. Feel that deep stretch into your quad (front of leg) whilst balancing on your other leg. Apparently holding the ear helps but grab the wall or a pal if you need. Swap legs 30 seconds each.


CAMEL POSE; On your knees, place your hands on your lower back and lean back. If you can reach behind to your heel with one arm for that deeper stretch. Take it slow. Swap sides.


HIP FLEXOR LUNGE; Lunge forward with your back knee on the floor. Bend the front knee and sit low into those hips. Tilt the pelvis under to feel the hip flexor of the back leg. Advanced? Lift the back knee off the floor. Swap sides.


HAMSTRING STRETCH; From the above lunge position straighten the front leg and lean back to feel the hamstring (back of leg) and hold it there. Flex your foot, toes to the sky and then swap legs.


CHILD’S POSE; Sit your hips back into your heels, knees wide reaching your arms forward. Stay there and relax for as long as you need. 2 minutes is optimum.


FORWARD FOLD; standing up tall. Forward fold down to the floor, hang the head and hands down. Slight bend in the knees. Slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time.


I am no professional yogi (actually I wouldn’t even call myself a yogi for that matter) but I like to pretend and love a good deep stretch. Most of us have tight hips and hip flexors so regardless of your flight time GET STRETCHING. These are simple and effective.

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