So it is officially AUGUST!  Which means we are well and truly over half way through 2016 (whaaaaaa?) I know how did this happen? And the health and fitness industry has seen some huge changes, fads and additions already. Float baths are the newest of the relaxation and recovery methods, fitness trackers and technology are taking over our arms and bodies, carbs are BACK (woop woop) and people are sipping beetroot lattes… yes you read that right, beetroot I know!!

So what have we learnt (or purchased) this year so far for 2016?

Wearable technology – The growing need to track every workout, every step, every minute of sleep and every calorie burnt isn’t going anywhere. Whether it is a fitness tracker by Garman or Polar or the newest smart watch (seriously apple what is next?) wearable tech is the number one hottest fad in 2016 so far. So why do we need one?  Studies have shown that there are great risks to your health if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Wearable tech can provide you with 24/7 accountability to motivate you to move and hit your daily goals. It also tells you when you have been sitting for too long and need to get that butt moving. If you are interested in health and fitness and believe that it will positively benefit you then go for it. If you are only using it to obsess over your calories in and out then avoid like the plague. I got the Polar360 (website >> here) for my birthday and so far I am loving it. Mainly so I can check how good I slept :) 83% last night. Pretty good!!

Tabata/HIIT and body weight training – it didn’t take long for the world to realise that you can exercise less and have greater results. Tabata is a style of training that combines fast paced 100% effort for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest for a total of 8 rounds. This style of training is super convenient and you don’t have to worry whether or not you have all the equipment you need because you are your equipment. Plus it takes less time to burn more calories without a gym membership, winning. HIIT meaning high intensity interval training again is a combination of intense exercise ie squat jumps or sprints followed by a state of rest. This can be done with body weight exercises or on a cardio machine. Both of these styles of training increase your metabolic rate and burns fat in less time.

Fitness apps and Ebooks – Whether it is yoga, clean eating, veganism, weights, body weight circuits or running guides there’s an app or Ebook for everything. Step by step guides on the newest and latest ‘how to’ exercise and eat clean styles are taking over the industry. Bottom line – find someone who’s body and lifestyle you life and purchase their guide. You do not need the vegan, running, weights and clean eating guides because it will only confuse you and your body. Be careful of which guide you buy because sometimes they are full of false information from an unqualified person wanting to make money.

Headstands  – ladies and gents are taking it back to the playground days, not only for the perfect gram photo but for your health. Did you know that being upside down can help stimulate and provide refreshed blood to the pituitary and hypothalamus glands? These glands are vital to our wellbeing, and are considered the master glands that regulate all other glands in the body – and it is the ultimate party trick. Bust one out and blow people away.

Reformer Pilates – insert new career path for me. Reformer Pilates is slowly taking over one ripped model at a time, #strongnotskinny,  as the new hot fitness style promising a killer core and to die for long toned limbs. Not to mention a butt and soul that is equally uplifted. If you are in London get your butt to one of the Heartcore studios for the best workout of your year. Website >> here. 

Gym lingo – sure it has been around for years maybe even decades when Arnies biceps were bigger than my waist, but this year everyone knows the lingo whether you regularly train or not. So what are the main ones we should know to avoid awkward conversations? Doms- Delayed onset muscles soreness. Amrap – As many rounds as possible. Glute pump – when your ass is looking mighty round and ‘pumped’ after a heavy squat session. Same goes for biceps and shoulders. Supps – fitness and nutrition supplements like BCAAS and protein powder. Bulking – the process of adding muscle through lifting weights and nutrition… okay that’s enough! Just google it there is plenty.

Beetroot lattes – skinny lattes are so 2014. Now it is all about the matcha, turmeric and most recently beetroot lattes. Promising wonderful things for your health and of course making latte art next level, don’t fall too in love with it because there will be another one out next month. Carrot latte?

So strap on your wearable tech, do a quick HIIT session from your newest Ebook, followed by a reformer pilates class, enjoy the doms and recover with headstands whilst sipping your beetroot latte. Hello 2016!





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