To kick off week two of #NutritionalNovember why not start with some girl power preaching. This post seems relevant considering a female jockey, Michelle Payne, won the Melbourne Cup for the first time ever on Tuesday last week and it sure as hell caused a few raised eye brows amongst the gents… but all I can say is GO GURL!!! With the ever-growing health and fitness industry women are becoming more and more independent and successful. There are so many women CEO’s absolutely killing it and slowly (but surely) taking over the world. Bit dramatic? Check out my top 6 and make up your own mind.

Here is my top 6 HOT list of honest, inspirational and down to earth successful ladies I am crushing on at the moment; (in no particular order)

LORNA JANE; there’s no denying that the ever loved LJ is the most inspirational (and hottest) 50-year-old lady out there, other than my mum of course. With rock hard abs and the coolest active wear around she is making us all feel a little bit special and sexy. ps. Just writing this blog post #inmyactivewear. Link to the LJ activewear site >> here. Want a special deal?? Spend over $150 and get $30 off with the code ’30OFF’



SCHERRI BIGGS; I actually know this hottie on a more than “OMG she liked my photo” way and it has been a privilege to watch her grow and blossom into the inspirational and honest lady she is today.  I am not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve been spending every second with my boyfriend traveling the last few months or that I am just missing my gal pal company so much whilst abroad but DAYAM this lady has been looking fine lately. She is an honest, fun and loving friend, a wonderful weather presenter and an even bigger inspiration to me and other young Aussie’s out there every day. What you see is what you get with this little stunner. No sugar-coating here – she’s sweet enough! Link to her instagram >> here. 

FullSizeRender (8)


KAYLA ITSINES; if you are a girl in the 21st century with the slightest bit of interest in Instagram or #fitspo then you know and follow this gorgeous young machine of a lady; Kayla Itsines. With almost 4 million instagram followers she is taking the fitness industry by storm and putting Radelaide on the global map! Her Bikini Body Guide is transforming women from every corner of the globe and focuses hard on strength and how you feel on the inside, not just the scales and how you look on the outside. Link to her website >> here. 



NADIA BARTEL; probably the most banging pregs lady on the block at the moment, she is very open and honest about her pregnancy on her blog Link >> here.  Glowing from head to toe, rocking a gorgeous fit body and perfect temp oven for that bun to cook, she gets a lot of haters and rude comments on people who ‘clearly’ know her body more than her…wrong! But this doesn’t stop her from sharing her bump pics and keeping her chin high all the while killing it with her latest online company The Con-Nection. We need more inspirational and gorgeous ladies like Nadia out there and less haters and jealous women sitting on the couch firing insults left right and center.

FullSizeRender (9)


SARAH WILSON; notorious for the ‘anti sugar lady’ Sarah Wilson has the most down to earth and honest outlook on life. From switching off ALL power points, recycling everything, waste not want not attitude and charity work, she is the lady of the hour. Her new book ‘Simplicious’ (simple and delicious) just hit the stands last month. I am going to do a little ‘Julie and Julia’ moment and make EVERY  300+ delicious creations from this book in order to learn more about her no wastage, easy and simply approach to cooking. Link to her website >> here. 



CASSEY MILLER AND THE BUF GIRLS; I first met Cassey exactly a year ago on a Saturday morning down at Bondi Beach under the infamous red flag. I had no idea what I was in for but I knew I was in good hands as soon as I saw her insanely gorgeous ear to ear smile. An hour of boxing with my toes in the sand and a little chat about how she swapped booze for burpees later, I was convinced that there was more to life than the office 9-5… and that I loved burpees. The BUF Girls have grown so much in the last year and even though I never got the chance to meet Libby or Alicia I like to think we are ‘friends’ from our instagram interaction?! Their latest guide BUF BRIDE is the go to 8 week program for anyone shredding for the wedding >> link here. From fitspo, to recipes, to workouts these gorgeous gals are worth a follow!


buf girls


Well if those down to earth inspirational babes don’t get you doing something good on your Monday morning then I don’t know what will!!

Get moving, Get recycling, Get smiling and GET HAPPY – Because life is too short to be anything less.


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