It is good to mix up your gym routines and do different classes / styles of training. From zumba to swimming, from walking to weight circuits and from pilates to body attack. It’s all good and will all be doing different great things to your body. But what is the ‘quickest’ way to burn 300 calories? I came across this article by Jenny Sugar and found it very interesting so thought I would share.

Based on a 60-65kg woman these are the stats.


The results are in. Want to burn 300 calories in the least amount of time. These are the top 5 exercises to do in 15 minutes to torch calories.

1. Kettlebell training – How about try my basic Kettlebell workout >> HERE

2. Jumping rope/skipping

3. Rock climbing

4. Swimming (not in Canberra or London thanks)

5. Cycling /spin (…ouchies)

So mix up your workouts this week and try something different to burn more calories. Skipping is a goodie and you can take the rope anywhere!



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