Brunchoga is what every Sunday should involve. What is it? Well it’s just brunch and yoga. Because there is nothing better than a coffee and some smashed avo to go with that post yoga feel. It means you can dine in your activewear too! But with xmas around the corner it is also not the time to be throwing dollar bills around which can mean saying no to brunchoga. Well WRONG! You can do/have brunchoga for free in your own lounge room without leaving the house.

Here are my 5 favourite yoga poses you can put together for a 15 minute yoga workout and then just whip up your fave brunch, be it smashed avo, porridge or pancakes. Check out the links to some brunch faves at the bottom…

  1. Child’s Pose – hold 1 minute
  2. Downward Dog – hold and then play with balancing alternating leg lifts for 1 minute total
  3. Sun Salutation –  1 minute (Forward fold > downward dog > high plank > low plank > up dog > downward dog > step to mountain pose – repeat)
  4. Warrior pose – 30 seconds each side
  5. Seated folds – 1 minute

Play around with each pose and see what feels good. Do each pose for 1 minute before moving onto the next and then repeat the sequence two more times – total 15 minutes.

Now get those long toned limbs into the kitchen for some BRUNCH!

5 ways to pimp your avo toast >> here

5 ways to pimp your porridge >> here

Peanut butter and coconut pancakes >> here

avo toast feta herbs



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