Brunchoga is what every Sunday should involve. What is it? Well it’s just brunch and yoga. Because there is nothing better than a coffee and some smashed avo to go with that post yoga feel. It means you can dine in your activewear too! But with xmas around the corner it is also not the time to be throwing dollar bills around which can mean saying no to brunchoga. Well WRONG! You can do/have brunchoga for free in your own lounge room without leaving the house. Continue reading “BRUNCHOGA”



Ever noticed how babies can grab their feet and lift them up to their mouth or head with ease? Yep that’s right every single one of us has been able to touch our toes at some point in our lives. You may not still be able to swing it up to your ears but that’s because our legs are a lot longer and our flexibility decreases and tightens over time if we don’t stretch.

“Stretching releases dopamine which helps you feel happier and more positive about the world”

 One of the most important parts of exercising is warming up and cooling down and of course STRETCHING! I am sure we are all guilty of it – me number one – of neglecting the stretch. I try to do pilates, yoga and body balance at my local gym but this is probably once I week if I am lucky – which lets face it, is not enough mat time. 10-15 minutes a day is all it takes and trust me your body will thank you for it. Especially if you sit at your desk all day – a good old spine stretch could be just the ticket to a perfect nights sleep!

Stretching is also great for;

–  relieving PMS pain, emotional imbalance and bloating

–  loosening the muscles which relieves fatigue so you can exercise longer

–  improving concentration as the blood flows around the body

–  lengthening your muscles to prevent tear or injury

– increasing circulation


Here are 10 simple ‘yoga’ stretches/positions to try tonight. Hold each stretch for 45-60 seconds. It will only take 10 minutes of your time – so bung the dinner in the oven and get stretching whilst you wait!


    Pelvic tilt


    Cat-cow stretches


    Downward facing dog pose


    Pigeon pose


    Lunge hip flexor stretch


Pyramid pose


Mountain pose


Standing forward bend


Seated twist pose


 Savasana pose



Try this 10 minute sequence 2-3 times a week and see how you feel. Challenge yourself to get deeper into each stretch and take note of how your flexibility increases over time! Your body is the only place you have to live forever SO TAKE CARE OF IT!!