Every Tuesday night in our little share house family we alternate with who cooks the evening meal for all. There are basically two rules; 1. cook a ‘clean’ and healthy meal and 2. make it substantial enough for the manly men too! Continue reading “HEALTHY QUINOA NASI GORENG”


When you are running around or working all day sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook dinner so the ice cream container, frozen meals or endless slices of toast seem like the best option? WRONG!! You can whip up a healthy and wholesome dinner with very minimal ingredients in about 12 minutes.  Continue reading “7 HEALTHY DINNERS IN UNDER 12 MINUTES”


Each week or so I will give an example of a clean and lean food diary which you can follow for the week. It will include a variety of lean proteins, healthy fats and wholesome carbohydrates, the key macro nutrients required by the body.   Continue reading “MEAL PLAN MONDAY #1”


This Christmas I am in London and will be celebrating my first (not white) UK Christmas but also Christmas Eve dinner as my partner is of Polish heritage. I am on ‘salad and sides’ cooking duties and whipped up these incredibly delicious vegetable salads to go with the meat. We had 5 people at dinner and had lots of left overs for lunch the next day. Would serve up to 8 people happily. Here are my 3 recipes;  Continue reading “CHRISTMAS SIDES AND SALADS”


Growing up Mac n Cheese was a staple in our household. Mum used to make the most insane mac that we all devoured! I have made mum’s classic dish a few times over the last couple of years but wanted to make a ‘healthy’ completely guilt free version for the gluten intolerant and of course add as many vegetables as I possibly can into the mix without making it look like a stir fry. SUCCESS!!!  Continue reading “5 HIDDEN VEGGIE MAC ‘N’ CHEESE”


I LOVE Indian food! Curries, Dahl, naan bread, raita, papdams, chicken tandoor, cheese puffs…. oh stop it I’m drooling!! But there is something about feasting out on Indian that puts you in a FOOD COMA! Maybe its the self serve constantly filling your plate style of eating or the heavy rice, naan and creamy buttery curries… who knows! Therefore we tend to put this cuisine in the ‘special occasions’ category. It is also hard to know exacatly WHAT they make their curries out of and therefore Indian cuisine is often hard for those with food intolerances. This Lamb or beef Saag is my ultimate favourite curry and with the help of the slow cooker it is SO easy to make. Literally chuck in the slow cooker and go to sleep. Prepare to wake up feeling like you are in Indian with all those aromas. Perfect dish when you are trying to impress some guests too. Continue reading “SLOW COOKED SAAG CURRY”


Holy slow cooker yum. Who ever invented the slow cooker is a genius. Throw everything into a large ceramic dish, flick a switch and go to sleep or work and voila 8 hours later you have the most tender juiciest meat creation ready to serve. No fear of fire, burning, over flowing or overcooking. This beef ragu is going to be a crowd pleasure and sure to make you look like the fanciest chef in town. Continue reading “SLOW COOKED BEEF RAGU”


When it comes to healthy eating – indulging in commercial hot chips is a no no. Of course the occasional hot chip intake isn’t going to do us any harm but there is a rising trend in hot chip alternatives that are taking over? Sweet potato chips and now even zucchini chips are making their way onto menus at popular cafes and takeaway joints. Polenta chips? Parsnip chips? Even eggplant chips? But what about brussel sprout chips? Continue reading “CRISPY BRUSSEL SPROUT CHIPS”


The best thing about my satay sauce >> RECIPE HERE, is that it is so versatile; satay pizza, pies >> RECIPE HERE, burgers, curry, stir fry and it also makes the perfect dipping sauce for rice paper rolls or these juicy little coconut chicken nuggets. Continue reading “THAI COCONUT CHICKEN NUGGETS”