Each week or so I will give an example of a clean and lean food diary which you can follow for the week. It will include a variety of lean proteins, healthy fats and wholesome carbohydrates, the key macro nutrients required by the body.  

Proteins are essential for building and general repair of lean muscle and carbohydrates are great for energy, refueling and weight loss. Fats are also essential for healthy weight loss as well as skin and hormone health and keeping you fuller for longer. A variety of these 3 macro nutrients will lead to optimum nutrition.  Aim to eat every 3 hours to boost your metabolism and keep your fat stores burning. Believe it or not you don’t have to eat less to lose weight – just eat right. Aim for minimum ingredients and “whole” foods – none of this fat free processed crap thanks. As a general rule always chose green and leafy and the darker the better ie rice, bread etc.


ON WAKING 6.30am

Glass of warm water with squeeze of fresh lemon

tip; warm water and lemon is a great way to kick start the metabolism and get you ready for the day


2 slices rye or wholemeal seed toast

with/ half an avocado, sea salt and chili flakes

tip; avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids which are great for weight loss and reducing abdominal fat. The added chili flakes will aid in the metabolism boosting too (winning combo)

avo toast crunch

SNACK 1 10am

1 cup Greek yoghurt (full fat)

with/ fresh or frozen berries and chia seeds

tip; chia seeds are packed with fiber to aid in digestion and yoghurt is packed with live probiotics meant to help regulate your digestion or strengthen your immune system



Grilled or roasted chicken

with/ couscous or quinoa with feta, loads of spinach, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts


SNACK 2 4pm

2 hard boiled eggs



Steak and homemade mushroom garlic sauce*

with/ steamed broccoli and oven-roasted sweet potato chips

tip; sweet potato is an excellent source of Vit. A and C and helps regulate blood sugar levels.


 SNACK 3 (aka post dinner munchies/dessert)

2 squares of 70% dark chocolate. I recommend Pana Chocolate, Lindt or Loving Earth

tip; eating clean doesn’t mean depriving yourself of things you love. Chocolate is not only a great antioxidant but good for your sanity and soul. Dieting is old fashioned – eat the chocolate.


I am not a nutritionist but have done my fair share of research and trial and error, and these are foods plans that I follow on a regular basis. I hope it gives you some healthy clean and lean food ideas for your next meal planning. I honestly can’t stress enough how important a healthy relationship with food is. I learnt the hard way and restriction is not the answer. Eat green. Eat lean and most of all eat the things you love. There is always a healthy alternative. Happy Monday

K x

*mushroom garlic sauce; simply coconut oil, mushrooms, garlic and herbs on the stove with a splash of dairy/almond milk and Tbs of wholemeal/spelt/oat flour to thicken.

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  1. you look absolutely amazing! i love this look on you and the all the colors you got going on. are you reading the first book of game of thrones? so good! i hope you enjoy it. i hope the 6th book comes out soon, so many things i am waiting to know what ha!!!ns!!!!p!!!ep!!!!!! xoxox

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