I LOVE Indian food! Curries, Dahl, naan bread, raita, papdams, chicken tandoor, cheese puffs…. oh stop it I’m drooling!! But there is something about feasting out on Indian that puts you in a FOOD COMA! Maybe its the self serve constantly filling your plate style of eating or the heavy rice, naan and creamy buttery curries… who knows! Therefore we tend to put this cuisine in the ‘special occasions’ category. It is also hard to know exacatly WHAT they make their curries out of and therefore Indian cuisine is often hard for those with food intolerances. This Lamb or beef Saag is my ultimate favourite curry and with the help of the slow cooker it is SO easy to make. Literally chuck in the slow cooker and go to sleep. Prepare to wake up feeling like you are in Indian with all those aromas. Perfect dish when you are trying to impress some guests too. Continue reading “SLOW COOKED SAAG CURRY”