This post not only marks my 100th blog post so far (thank you, thank you) BUT also the start of the latest part of my blog – TRAVEL!!

First on the list – CANBERRA OF COURSE!! When you google things to do in Canberra you will be bombarded by memorials, museums and galleries to visit BUT is this really the best that Canberra has to offer?



1. Walked around Lake Burley Griffin; This 5km loop over the bridges around LBG is a beautiful sight all year round. A very popular place for families with littleies on bikes and scooters, tourists on their Segway’s and public servants in dresses and sneakers on their lunch breaks. This photo below is from the first time I visited Canberra. P.S Look how rad my man is – no wonder I moved to Canberra!


2. Walked up Mt Ainslie; This 50 minute return walk (or should I say hike) is one of Canberra’s best and offers a GREAT view at the top straight down Anzac Parade, over Lake Burley Griffin and up to both old and new Parliament House. Well worth the hike.


3. Attended an Anzac Day Dawn Service at the War Memorial (followed by 2-up at Ainslie Football club and a greasy cheap meal and Jimmy’s Chinese in Dickson – image below… request fresh oranges and invest in a selfie stick) This year was the Centenary of the Anzac’s landing at Gallipoli and over 120, 000 people swarmed the war memorial at 4.30am to show their tribute in a moving (and rather chilly) way.



4. Rolled down the grass hills at Parliament House; This is NOT just for kids and believe me when you see the hill you will know why. It is peeeeeeerfect for a roll down although beware for those who get itchy from grass!

parl house

5. Taken a selfie with a Politician; ok so I haven’t actually done this myself which means I technically haven’t experienced all that Canberra has to offer in the last 2 years of living here. But don’t you worry – it’s on my list!


6. Hiked and explored the Namadgi National Park; we have recently gotten into our hiking on weekends and I have never seen such breath taking views. It is crazy how you don’t need to drive far from the City of Canberra to be completely surrounded by peaceful nature and beauty.


7. Eaten at “Elk and Pea” and “Local Press”; as a foodie I HAD to include my 2 favourite places to dine and not to mention places that I take EVERYONE who comes to visit to. Elk and Pea in Braddon is my all time favourite restaurant serving an eclectic menu with a South American twist. It’s cool vibe and delicious huge sharing plates you cannot go wrong. I hear they also make the best Espresso Tequila Martini in town too. As for breakfast you cannot leave Canberra without a Local Press date. This wholefoods café offers delicious large plates of locally sourced gluten-free wholesome foods they never disappoint.


8. Stayed at “Moose Heads” until the lights come on; The only time I have been to Moose Heads (the not so hip/seedy go to place for youngins in Canb’s to get ROWDY) was when I was the sober designated driver for a rowdy bunch and we managed to stay out blaring our lungs to Bon Jovi “living on a prayer” and  Darryl Braithwaite ‘horses’. Standard!


9. Visited the Nishi building (Hotel Hotel); which won the International Project of the Year at the 2015 Building Awards. The foyer is made from recycled locally sourced timber slats and beams and is a true artwork. The building is an absolute must see!! Especially for those fellow architect folk.


10. Had a kebab at the Yarralumla Turkish Pide House; this is not for the gluten intolerant and IBS sensitive peeps around but the kebab at the Yarralumla Turkish pide house has gotten quite a good ‘wrap’ (pun intended) as being one of the most delicious things Canberra has to offer. It just so happens to be meters from my partners Dad’s house and trust me – you can smell it from miles away.


Now you can say you have seen Canberra!! While you are here make sure you also go and visit the National galleries, museums and monuments because they really are worth it!


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