When it comes to weight loss journeys and healthy lifestyles many people fear carbs and in particular bread. Especially with the Paleo and Raw diets fadding at the moment it seems the ‘cool’ thing to do is ditch the grain!

BUT wait! Before you go cold turkey with that hot steamy crunchy warm crusty fresh dense wholesome loaf of bread – keep reading! Yes eating an entire loaf of artificial white processed sandwich loaf wont be doing your abs any good BUT there are plenty of healthy options that will do wonders for your body starting from the inside out. And remember that if it is abs and energy you are after, you wont be seeing any progress without those healthy complex carbs >> blog post on carbs here.

When buying bread try to buy it from bakeries and fresh out of the oven. If you must buy it off the shelf, pay attention to the nutritional panel on the back. Avoid things like preservatives, HFCS, GMO’s, added sugars and artificial colours. If you are in a rush go by the rule “the darker the better”.



1. SPELT BREAD; is very high in dietary fiber which is essential for a healthy moving digestive tract. Spelt contains significant amounts vitamins and minerals such as iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, selenium, thiamin, vitamin B6 and folic acid. It is known to increase circulation, reduce cholesterol levels and regulate hormones (hello women).

2. SPROUTED OR ANCIENT GRAINS (quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, millet, sorghum, buckwheat etc) a sprouted grain is a grain that has been soaked until it sprouts the little green plant shoots. These sprouts are then ground into a flour to make the bread. Ancient grains are called ancient because they haven’t changed in years. Both of these bread types are packed with nutrients that are great for digestion and contribute to weight loss, anti-inflammation and reduce sugar spikes much like sourdough bread. You can find this bread in your health food store.

3. SOURDOUGH; the bacteria and yeast in the live sourdough cultures are great for predigesting the starches and gluten in grain making it more digestible. This culture breaks down the protein gluten into amino acids which reduces spikes in blood sugar levels.

avo smash 7

4. RYE BREAD; is very dense and will keep you full for longer. Rye bread is also easy to digest and gentle on the stomach which can reduce some digestion issues and reduce constipation.

5. SOY AND LINSEED; is great for the heart and arteries. This bread is super high in fibre and the healthy essential fatty acids for boosting your metabolism and burning fat are you eat. Soy and Linseed is also great for lowering cholesterol and it tastes great.


I always chose a sourdough loaf when available especially when dining out. The cultures in the sourdough help my digestive issues and therefore make it the easiest bread for me to digest. A rye loaf is always a great option too and I love that dense bitter flavour.

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You can have your bread and eat it too!!



  1. Which bread
    brands do you recommend from the supermarket if you cannot buy at the market/ bakery?

    1. The Burgen soy linseed and dark rye are both great. Generally the darker the bread the better.

      I also like the Lawson’s brand (from coles) and Pure Bred. They do a great gluten free and spelt range!!!


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