This green is the perfect combination of gnarly greenness and sweetness because lets face it no one wants to be sipping of just kale right? I always like to add at least one sweetener to my smoothie – all natural of course. Because it means I can jam some wilted greens from the fridge without paying the price on the taste buds. Food is meant to be enjoyed so don’t make yourself block your nose and scull a horrific chunky smoothie that doesn’t taste unreal! And why would you when there are so many delish recipes out there. This is my go to green warrior smoothie when I am feeling my body needs an extra boost of greens and veggies. Continue reading “GREEN WARRIOR SMOOTHIE”


So for those who know me well, know that I somewhat skimped out on the ‘growing hair’ part of the pregnancy whilst I was being created. AND you would also know that I twizzle my hair very rapidly when it is either washed and straight (who doesn’t love playing with fresh silky hair?) or in the evenings when I am exhausted (like pretty much every night). It wasn’t until I returned home after being away for a year that my mum was in total shock about my hair, or should I say lack of, and took me straight to the health food store to get something STAT!!! Continue reading “THE HAIRY TRUTH”