So for those who know me well, know that I somewhat skimped out on the ‘growing hair’ part of the pregnancy whilst I was being created. AND you would also know that I twizzle my hair very rapidly when it is either washed and straight (who doesn’t love playing with fresh silky hair?) or in the evenings when I am exhausted (like pretty much every night). It wasn’t until I returned home after being away for a year that my mum was in total shock about my hair, or should I say lack of, and took me straight to the health food store to get something STAT!!!

A year later after taking (on and off I must admit) expensive Q-Silica and Hair Skin and Nails tablets the only thing I can account for, other than a broke bank account, are some extremely strong nails and TOE NAILS to be precise. I actually have holes in 99% of my socks because my big toe nails are out of control strong and growing like they are on drugs (which they kind of are right…)




So I decided to go off the supplements and try another approach. Maybe a hair skin and not nails tablet? or just a natural foodie approach rather so I decided to do some research. A couple of basic rules I came across for luscious locks were – pack it with protein and don’t skimp on the carbohydrates!

One of my favourite health and wellness bloggers and nutritionists Jessica Sepel >> BLOG HERE, has the most luscuious long glowing hair which is living proof that your diet and lifestyle is number one when it comes to beauty inside and out. Just look at her hair!!!


jessica sepel hair




These 5 super foods are inexpensive and do wonders for your hair. Hello Victoria Secret hair in no time.

P.s for those of you with already luscious long volumised locks can you please NOT consume the following so my hair has a 1% chance of catching up ? thanks !



great news because I have started having a 1/2 cup of oats topped with cinnamon and 1/2 banana for afternoon tea at work recently. Not only does it COMPLETELY fill you up and banish all sugar cravings and avoid over eating when I get home from work, it also warms me up sitting as my desk like a little ice cube. Carbs are essential for hair growth. If you follow a carb depleted diet you will notice frequent hair loss and breakage… uhhh oh!!! So oats are a wonderful healthy carb to eat daily to promote bright and full of life hair.



I am a huge carnivore and the idea of going vego or vegan is just out of the picture. I honestly admire those who respect the animals and do it for economical and sustainable reasons but unfortunately I am not one to be able to skip the meat – especially read meat. I love my steak and eating red meat is recommended TWICE a week for optimal hair health. Red meat is packed full of B vitamins, zinc, iron and protein which are all important factors for healthy hair.



another one of my faves and great for the vegetarians who are unable to eat animal proteins, because eggs are your second best source. Boil them, fry them, scramble them or crack them raw into your porridge or smoothie.. just eat them. Blog post on Eggs >> HERE and 5 ways to eat them daily. BUT please DO NOT toss out the yolk. Eat the whole egg (you can toss the shell though hehe) because those nutrients aren’t going to do your hair any good if they are in the bin. Egg yolks are high in biotin and Vitamin A which are essential for healthy glossy growing hair.



salmon would have to be one of my fave weekly dinners and my go to restaurant choice. I love to make my zucchini pesto pasta >> recipe HERE, topped with a crispy skin salmon filet. So many good oils and omega 3 fatty acids in this dish it is just screaming for healthy shiny hair.



a lot of people look past cottage cheese and don’t understand its full benefit and versatility. Cottage cheese can be sweet or savoury and can be a great addition to your diet. Try it as a dip for some veggies sticks or whip it up with some honey/maple and cinnamon for a sweet topping to your toast snack. You can also use cottage cheese in pasta for a creamy sauce. Cottage cheese is surprisingly low in fat and sugar and super high in protein. It is also packed with B12 vitamins and minerals so try it this week. You can also make some seriously delicious cottage cheesecakey muffins and sweet treats.


So if you are a little short in the hair department and your hair isn’t looking quite like that of the Victoria Secret gals then try and incorporate the above 5 ingredients into your daily meal plan and within no time you should see a difference. There is no need to fall for the expensive supplements or hair growth tablets. Anything that guarantees a quick fix is definitely flawed. Make sure you also get your hair trimmed regularly to give those ends a new fresh start. Avoid constant straightening as heat can also effect your hair in a negative way and the more you wear it out – the better! Unless you are like me and if your hair is out your productivity levels decrease massively because you sit and twizzle your silky locks all day erryday!!!

Here is a cute little picture I found on my go to research website What is your hair telling you ? Thanks Sarah!!!




Happy hair growth ladies!! (and gents)




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