Let’s get up 20 minutes earlier to make a killer healthy and nutritious smoothie bowl this Monday morning to kick the week and Nutritional November off to a great start. I am currently on the other side of the world to Australia in a gorgeous AirBnb in Lisbon, Portugal so apologies for the delay and time difference. I will try my best to get these posts up in time for your morning read. Try this quick and easy fiber and protein packed smoothie bowl. Here is a quick summary of the ingredients and their benefits. Keep it simple!  Continue reading “MATCHA CHOC MINT SMOOTHIE BOWL”


Don’t pay $18 at a cafe when you can make it at home so easily. You don’t need to buy frozen acai either, I love using Acai powder from Tropeka. Shop at your local Health food store and they will have many brands. So here is my classic Acai bowl recipe. Simple and looks oso vibrant and healthy. Go NUTS with the toppings (pardon the pun) It is super delicious and who doesn’t love spooning their food! Continue reading “ACAI BOWL”


Easter =  indulging in WAY too many delicious chocolaty sweet treats and hot cross buns… which can only mean one thing – a big green smoothie bowl is on the cards!! Continue reading “DETOX CLEAN GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL”