If there is something that I excel at in life… it is snacking! Road trips, aeroplane flights (I swear my bag is always 50% food), weekend escapes, movie dates… you name it, I’ve got the snacks covered. I am honestly like a child. The only way to keep me happy is occupying me with food. Continue reading “SNACK HAPPY”


Why is it that something as simple as drinking water can be so difficult to remember? If I don’t have my water bottle on me and am consciously making an effort to drink water, then I will get to the end of the day without even a drip. Of course there is water in my daily coffee or two and 6 cups of tea BUT this does NOT count! Nope not even in the slightest. And before your clever little Melbourne Cup brain thought that having a few vodka lime and soda WATERS yesterday also counted – you are wrong!! Drinking alcohol is an even bigger reason to be guzzling back the water. Continue reading “DRINK YOUR WATER”


We live in a world where we’re made to feel guilty about food; don’t eat this, don’t eat that, this will kill you, that will kill you. Of course a lot of this is true, but you can take any food, create negative thoughts around it and actually make it unhealthier to consume with those stressful thoughts. After all, stress depletes nutrients from the body too. Nutritional November rule NUMBER ONE … don’t feel guilty. Just enjoy it! And not only is it Treat Yo Self Tuesday BUT Melbourne Cup Day so have some fun and love yourself for it. Continue reading “ENJOY THE HECK OUT OF IT”


Let’s get up 20 minutes earlier to make a killer healthy and nutritious smoothie bowl this Monday morning to kick the week and Nutritional November off to a great start. I am currently on the other side of the world to Australia in a gorgeous AirBnb in Lisbon, Portugal so apologies for the delay and time difference. I will try my best to get these posts up in time for your morning read. Try this quick and easy fiber and protein packed smoothie bowl. Here is a quick summary of the ingredients and their benefits. Keep it simple!  Continue reading “MATCHA CHOC MINT SMOOTHIE BOWL”