Don’t pay $18 at a cafe when you can make it at home so easily. You don’t need to buy frozen acai either, I love using Acai powder from Tropeka. Shop at your local Health food store and they will have many brands. So here is my classic Acai bowl recipe. Simple and looks oso vibrant and healthy. Go NUTS with the toppings (pardon the pun) It is super delicious and who doesn’t love spooning their food!

Image result for acai bowl


serves 1 – GF SF DF P – 5 minutes

1 large frozen banana diced

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 Tbs acai powder

Splash of almond milk or coconut water 

Ice (use this if you bananas are not frozen otherwise you don’t need it)


Place ingredients in blender. Tip – add the liquid first because this will help the blending process.

Blend until smooth. Pour into bowl and top with fresh banana, coconut, granola and nuts.



Image result for acai bowl

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