Honey. Not only is it the perfect little sweet touch to smoothies, yoghurt or cakes – it also has some alternative uses that will surprise you.

I was reading an article all about the uses of honey and thought I would share my top 15 uses which I found interesting. But first a little fun fact; the average person consumes 500gms of honey in 1 year. What busy bees!!


1. Moisturise your skin; Rub onto your skin, leave for 30 mins and then wash off!

2. Repair damaged hair; Add a teaspoon to a dollop of regular conditioner and let it soak in for 20 minutes before shampooing.

3. Soothing bath; add 2 Tablespoons of honey to a hot bath for a skin soothing natural alternative.

4. Homemade facial; got lemons, avocados and honey? you have a DIY facial. Mix equal parts of each ingredient and apply to face. Add a teaspoon of raw sugar for an exfoliating effect too.

5. Thwart allergies; consuming raw honey, in particularly Manuka honey, will help your body build a strong immune system.

6. Stress-free sleep; dab a little honey on your tongue or in a herbal tea before going to bed.

7. Mouthwash; if you hate the taste of Listerine minty mouth wash make your own. Simply mix 1 cup filtered water, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp baking soda, 4 drops peppermint oil and stevia (optional). mix and swish!

8. Treat eczema; mix equal parts of honey and cinnamon and apply it to eczema to ease the itch. Sounds tasty!!

9. Boost immune system; lemon, hot water and honey is not just beneficial when you are sick. In fact you should be drinking it to strengthen your immune system and prevent getting colds and flus.


10. Tame digestion; Take one or two tablespoons of honey before meals to ease digestion problems.

11. Honey lemonade; mix 1/2 cup honey with 1 cup boiling water, 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice and 4 cups cold water. Add a little coconut sugar or stevia if you are a sweet tooth.

12. Cure hangovers; add to water and drink. Honey helps eliminate the toxic compounds resulting from the metabolism of alcohol.

13. Use on cuts, burns and bruises; Honey has natural antiseptic qualities so apply a thin layer to the spot and helps heal those wounds.

14. Lip balm; not only will it taste nice but honeys soothing qualities will make for the perfect lip balm. Just try not to lick it all off!

15. Boost athletic performance; The perfect pre workout boost. Have some honey and peanut butter on rice cakes or toast before your next workout. Don’t have a toaster? Simply peel a banana and drizzle some honey over each bite!


So it’s time to pass the honey, honey and not just for your yoghurt or breakfast!!




With summer only just around the corner (although after the weekends weather it feels like it has already hit) it is so important to be sun smart and take care of our skin, eyes and overall health.

A few Kale and the Kettlebell daily sunsmart rules;

1.  Apply sunscreen or a SPF30+ moisturiser everyday to protect your skin from aging, cancer and sun spots. Don’t forget your lips too especially when heading outside.

2. Always wear your shades when heading outdoors to cut the glare and protect your eyes from deteriorating – and also look fabulous.

3. Wear a hat – lucky these bad boys are super in fashion right now. Whether it be a fedora, cap, visor, felt wide brim or straw beach hat, just wear it. Not only will you look stylish but you are protecting your skin, eyes and face against the sun.

4. If you are an outdoor exerciser, opt for before or after work to avoid the peak UV times of 10am – 2pm when the sun is scorching hot and ready to damage your beautiful skin and eyes. You will also feel much better having ticked the box first thing in the morning! Up and At Em!

Photo Cred: @basebodybabes




Dear Red Wine drinkers; I have wonderful news… your red wine habit also happens to come with some happy health benefits, such as protecting your ticker and even slimming your waistline. Winding down with a glass of vino is a good call all round.

Red wine is good for your heart; it contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant compound which protects your heart and arteries against the effects of saturated fats (which we now know all about after yesterdays post HERE) and can prevent the formation of blood clots as your levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol rises.

Red wine contains antioxidants; containing a number of other antioxidants which can slow the signs of aging, osteoporosis and prevent degenerative illnesses like diabetes. These antioxidants can also help fight off a cold, prevent tooth decay by hardening the enamel and protecting the gums, AND believe it or not prevent the growth of fat cells which essentially block the pathways necessary for immature fat cells to mature and grow.

Red wine controls your blood sugar; the skin of red grapes – which is where the rich antioxidant sources lie – actually help diabetics regulate their blood sugar levels. Researches suspect that resveratrol may help stimulate insulin secretion or activate protein that helps regulate glucose and insulin sensitivity.

But above all, red wine makes us happy! It creates an atmosphere that is social, fun and gives us that extra boost of confidence we need to kick off our heels and let our hair down. And lets be honest, we all know the more vinos we consume the louder, more funny and sexier we get right?? Until we cross the line of TOO MANY and it’s time to go home … (and eat the entire fridge contents and sleep << please note this behaviour is NOT promoted) If you get hangovers have a read of my healthy hangover cure on the blog HERE.

Although red wine has well known health benefits, drinking any alcoholic beverage in excess can lead to serious health problems, so of course limit yourself to not more than 2 glasses a day. Now how many of you just read that and thought… “well if I don’t drink Monday – Thursday does that mean those 8 glasses can be added to my Friday’s 2 glass allowance so I can knock back 10 glasses and still be under the ‘healthy’ limit….” well NO!! Sorry is doesn’t work that way. Stick to two glasses a day! (except for special events and one off occasions) remember it matters more what you do everyday than what you do once in a while!

Fun fact; pinot noir grapes have the highest resveratrol content