With summer only just around the corner (although after the weekends weather it feels like it has already hit) it is so important to be sun smart and take care of our skin, eyes and overall health.

A few Kale and the Kettlebell daily sunsmart rules;

1.  Apply sunscreen or a SPF30+ moisturiser everyday to protect your skin from aging, cancer and sun spots. Don’t forget your lips too especially when heading outside.

2. Always wear your shades when heading outdoors to cut the glare and protect your eyes from deteriorating – and also look fabulous.

3. Wear a hat – lucky these bad boys are super in fashion right now. Whether it be a fedora, cap, visor, felt wide brim or straw beach hat, just wear it. Not only will you look stylish but you are protecting your skin, eyes and face against the sun.

4. If you are an outdoor exerciser, opt for before or after work to avoid the peak UV times of 10am – 2pm when the sun is scorching hot and ready to damage your beautiful skin and eyes. You will also feel much better having ticked the box first thing in the morning! Up and At Em!

Photo Cred: @basebodybabes basebodybabes.com



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