Forget the diamonds, jewels, fine dining, champagne and red roses… Valentine’s day is all about the CHOCOLATE and lots of it. If there is one thing you should all know about me – the way to my heart is all about the food. Strawberries coated in dark chocolate, decadent slices, choc-raspberry tarts and cheesecakes or any cake for that matter oozing with chocolatey goodness. Continue reading “COCONUT CHOCOLATE LOVE BISCUITS”


If there is something that is growing as popular as chicks with abs at the moment – it’s BRUNCH!! The saying has been around for ages but the foodie industry and independent cafes have grabbed ‘brunch’ by the reins and taken it to a whole new level. Out with the separate breakfast and lunch menus and in with smashed avocado and poachies on toast at 2pm, actually even 8pm in London. Speaking of which, smashed avocado seems to trump (bad time to say Trump?) all menus and be the most demanded go to. So here are my top 5 smashed avo’s in London. Get your bum down to them and try them out.  Continue reading “BEST SMASHED AVO IN LONDON”


Now as much as I love my meat and couldn’t be a vegetarian (slash don’t want to because I love chicken and steak) I respect and find a big place in this world for vegetarians. The ongoing issue with being vegetarian is that they don’t eat enough protein and tend to eat white carbs and cheese constantly. One of my mates recently decided to go vegetarian and my best friend is also vegetarian so I thought I would research into it and create some high protein meal plans that don’t consist of tofu tofu and tofu.  Continue reading “THE HEALTHY VEGETARIAN”

REALITY CHECK… Do’s and Don’t’s to get back into routine

Christmas is over! Sorry to be the grinch, but it’s true. No more Mariah Carey carols, no more sparkly Christmas trees and lights, no more eating until you can’t move and sleeping in and watching movies all afternoon … All that we have left is the memories and extra grams of love on us from an indulgent celebratory week or two (cough Month cough). Now is NOT the time to go into a regretful state of binge detoxes and skinny teas. Trust me there is nothing worse for you body. Love yourself and move on with my Do’s and Don’t’s for the post Christmas period. Continue reading “REALITY CHECK… Do’s and Don’t’s to get back into routine”


If Christmas isn’t your favourite time of the year then maybe these will change your mind. Like wise if you aren’t the biggest choc mint fan… these jingle balls will definitely change your mind! They are my all time favourite protein balls and are a Christmas must! Perfect way to enjoy the silly season whilst maintaining your protein levels and reducing your intake of artificial sugars!

“What is Pilates? …Oh I thought you said Pie and Lattes”

There seems to be a little confusion lately about Pilates and what it actually is.

“Pilates…. Oh I thought you said pie and lattes.” – unknown

Let’s go back to the beginning and get a few things straight. In the 1920’s a man called Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates Method as a way of strengthening his body to overcome his various ailments. He noticed that a man balanced in body, mind and spirit was the greatest version of man. Joseph Pilates called his workout method “the thinking man’s exercise.” Continue reading ““What is Pilates? …Oh I thought you said Pie and Lattes””


When it comes to bread a lot of people feel that they should avoid it. But this can lead to a negative relationship with food and an inevitable binge which is bad for both your physical and mental health. As most of us know too well, we always want what we can’t have and unfortunately as soon as you label as food as bad or ‘off limits’ the chances are you find a way to accidentally (totally on purpose) consume it and no doubt, in excessive quantities! So how can we avoid this and what is so wrong with bread? Continue reading “BREAD. THE NEAT WAY”


When you are running around or working all day sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook dinner so the ice cream container, frozen meals or endless slices of toast seem like the best option? WRONG!! You can whip up a healthy and wholesome dinner with very minimal ingredients in about 12 minutes.  Continue reading “7 HEALTHY DINNERS IN UNDER 12 MINUTES”


It wasn’t until I did some research that I realised how BIG and BAD unhealthy relationships with food are in our modern day society. Yes we all try and limit ourselves to 1 piece of chocolate and end up inhaling the block only to sit there for the next few hours (yes men…. hours) with so much guilt that you just wish you could reverse time and restrain. We all do it – but at what cost to our bodies? If you have a bad relationship with food… it’s time to break up. Cheesy text, awkward phone call, in person, sleazy twitter or Facebook status announcement… just end it because you will just get hurt even more. Continue reading “I’M BREAKING UP… WITH FOOD”