If there is something that is growing as popular as chicks with abs at the moment – it’s BRUNCH!! The saying has been around for ages but the foodie industry and independent cafes have grabbed ‘brunch’ by the reins and taken it to a whole new level. Out with the separate breakfast and lunch menus and in with smashed avocado and poachies on toast at 2pm, actually even 8pm in London. Speaking of which, smashed avocado seems to trump (bad time to say Trump?) all menus and be the most demanded go to. So here are my top 5 smashed avo’s in London. Get your bum down to them and try them out. 

  1. Ginger and White, Hampstead or Belsize Park £6.95
  2. Egg Break, Nottinghill £9 (BUT it comes with 2 eggs)  
  3. Beany Green, Paddington £6
  4. London Grind, London Bridge £6
  5. LLS Cafe, Hampstead £7.95

So why do these bad boys make the list and the other 200 cafes in London don’t? Well firstly these are the ones that stood out to me (and trust me I have tried a few) but they tick my 3 boxes… reasonably priced, large portions and are just super lush and consistent.

See delicious photos below… What is your favourite smashed avo or brunch go to?


Ginger and White, Belsize Park
Smashed Avo, Egg Break Nottinghill
Charcoal Sourdough, Beany Green – Paddington
London Grind, London Bridge
FullSizeRender (35).jpg
LLS Cafe, Hampstead (Eat No Evil) 


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