If there is something that I excel at in life… it is snacking! Road trips, aeroplane flights (I swear my bag is always 50% food), weekend escapes, movie dates… you name it, I’ve got the snacks covered. I am honestly like a child. The only way to keep me happy is occupying me with food. When it comes to planes, boats and cars I blame this on my motion sickness. For some reason the only way to keep the nausea away is by eating. Literally as soon as I finish chomping my last mouthful, the motion sickness sets in. So that’s why I always have food handy! I was on a train today for 5 hours from Madrid to Bilbao and I was writing in my journal and got motion sick. Straight for the bag and inhaled everything I could see and suddenly felt better. See what would I have done without my snacks handy?

Unlike the limited space of a woman’s handbag my hand luggage and suitcase is STOCKED full of the essential snacks to keep that HANGRY feeling away. Nothing gets me in quite a rage like being so insanely hungry that it turns to anger. Admit it – we have all been there. And when you are traveling, healthy gluten free wholesome food isn’t that easy to come by.

Here are my 5 favourite grab-and-go snacks kept on hand to avoid the “hangry” stage;

1. Rice cakes with nut butters, fruit, cottage cheese or avocado. (photo sourced from @mb_motivation)


2. Banana and handful of nuts/trail mix

banana cashew 2

3. Chief Bars >> Link here, a great natural alternative to whey protein bars! And it’s AUSSIE!!!


4. Carrot sticks with hummus


5. Medjool dates with peanut butter or almonds


Try and combine healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates into the one snack for optimum nutrition. That’s why you cant go wrong with the above snacks!! Keep up the snacks between meals to fire up that metabolism. Remember – you need to eat more to weigh less! Think about it


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