Why is it that something as simple as drinking water can be so difficult to remember? If I don’t have my water bottle on me and am consciously making an effort to drink water, then I will get to the end of the day without even a drip. Of course there is water in my daily coffee or two and 6 cups of tea BUT this does NOT count! Nope not even in the slightest. And before your clever little Melbourne Cup brain thought that having a few vodka lime and soda WATERS yesterday also counted – you are wrong!! Drinking alcohol is an even bigger reason to be guzzling back the water.

Yes there is water in the foods that we eat, such as meat, fish, eggs and especially ‘water-rich’ fruits and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, watermelon, apples etc and they DO ‘count’ towards your daily intake BUT we need to drink a LOT more of the pure refreshing liquid on its own to make it really count.

The body is made up of about 60% water. We are constantly losing water from our bodies, primarily via urine and sweat. Ever noticed how when you are out and about sweating all day you don’t need to go to the bathroom much? So how much water should you be drinking everyday? Probably a lot more than you already are (guilty as charged). Everyone is different and it depends on the individual as to how much water we effectively NEED but you should be aiming to drink about 1.5 – 2 L of water a DAY.

Staying well hydrated is important for;
– increasing our energy levels
– improving brain function
– preventing health problems
– increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss
– hydrating our skin and improving complexion
– flushing out toxins
– maintaining regularity
– boosting the immune system

Put it this way – there are NO negative side effects of drinking water. Just don’t wait until 9pm to skull the whole 1.5 L because you will be up every 2 hours going to the bathroom!!

Side Note: Want to know if you are well hydrated? Look at the colour of your pee!! If it is clear – you can cut back on the water. There is such a thing as over-hydrated which can be just as bad for you as being de-hydrated. BUT if your pee is looking more like a jug of beer at Oktoberfest than you better start drinking more water.

Tips for drinking more water; (Dad this one is aimed at YOU!!!)
– add a squeeze of lemon, fresh mint or berries for flavour (not raspberry cordial thanks)
– pop ice cubes made from fruit into your water
– keep a glass of water handy on your desk or a bottle of water in your handbag/backpack


Water has no calories, is flavourless and most of all it’s FREE!!! Traveling through Europe I realised how much I took fresh clean drinkable water for granted. We are buying our water each day so you have no excuse to guzzle the free stuff back. Go on – do yourself a favour and fill up a glass right now – especially if you had a boozy Melbourne cup luncheon yesterday. Oh and by the way HOW AMAZING was the cup win from the first female jockey Michelle Payne? Yeah gurl!!


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