Okay so I’ve been meaning to get this one up for aggggggges now but have never found the time. BUT whilst sitting on the plane to Spain I have nothing but time so here goes!

It all started back in July in my birthday week. I couldn’t decide what cake I wanted to celebrate my 25th bday with…. Cheesecake or lemon meringue pie? Both of which are my all time favourite desserts! The lemon meringue pie I made for Mother’s Day recipe HERE was an absolute hoot. Oh and the choc base lemon curd tart too recipe HERE, but then cheesecake is my fave. And then boom it hit me. Why limit yourself to one when you can layer them and have BOTH! So I used the ever faithful Sarah Wilson I quit sugar recipes as a base and combined this killer dessert! Fair to say I had a super sweet birthday minus the sugar!! image


Serves 8 – GF DF* P SF – 3 hours

1 cup oats or LSA mix
1 cup almonds or pistachios/hazelnuts (use another but other than almonds here if you used LSA above)
120gms coconut oil or butter
1 cup desiccated coconut

2 Tbs rice malt syrup

pinch of salt

dash of cinnamon

2 Tbs Greek yoghurt

4 Tbs Full fat coconut cream

1 cup cream cheese

1 cup ricotta cheese
1 egg
1 Lemon juiced and zest
1/2 cup rice malt syrup
1 vanilla bean

1/2 cup coconut oil
2 whole eggs
6 egg yolks (save the whites)
Juice and zest of 2 lemons
3 Tbs rice malt syrup
1 tsp stevia

6 egg whites
2 Tbs rice malt syrup


Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius.
Line or spray a deep pie / tart tin.

Place the ingredients for the crust in a food processor and process until combined. The more you blend the more the oils from the nuts are released. Add more butter or coconut oil if necessary. Take out and press into a lined cake or tart dish working your way up the sides. Remember it is not just a base but a crust for the filling so make it deep!
Place crust in the oven for 8-10 minutes until lightly browned. Set aside to cool.

Meanwhile combine the cheesecake ingredients in a clean food processor. Careful not too over process. You just want the lumps gone and watch out for any lemon pips whilst squeezing!
Pour the cheesecake filling into the cooled tart crust. Place in oven for 20-30 minutes until it bakes and goes hard or set like jelly. Don’t over cook!

For the lemon curd, melt the coconut oil on the stove. Add the rice malt and lemon juice/zest. Slowly add the eggs and yolks whilst whisking. Careful not to over boil the curd otherwise you will end up with lemon scrambled eggs! When it begins to thicken lift it off the heat and whisk in mid air. Add back to the heat if necessary. Leave to cool. Pour over the cheesecake layer and set aside.

For the final layer of this epic cake / pie / tart you need to make the meringue. Either with some good old elbow grease or electric beaters beat the egg whites and rice malt until it starts to go white and glossy. You want it to hold its form and make peaks. About 3-5 minutes. Slop the meringue mixture onto the lemon curd layer. When it is covered use the whisk or a spoon to create some peaks for aesthetic purposes.
Place the whole cake into the oven for 6-8 minutes until the meringue has browned at the tips. Careful not to burn or grill it! Just a light browning it will do.

Take out and place in fridge to set for 2 hours or overnight! When it’s time to eat it take it out and sprinkle with some matcha green tea powder if you have it!


Serve huge slabs of this beauty and enjoy! I couldn’t believe how amazingly yum and sweet this cake was. The perfect amount of savoury creamy lemony ricotta and tangy sweet curd, crunchy base and fluffy top ahhhhhhh just make it! You can even freeze any left over slices (left over… Is there such a thing?)




It has been a while since I have done a Feature Friday on the blog. Sorry – I have been traveling the world sunning myself for hours on pebbley beaches and cheersing to cocktails at sunset (a lovely way to live for those interested) But it also means that I have neglected a part of me that I am passionate about. My Health, fitness and wellbeing and writing . SO back to the drawing board they say and what better way to start than an Italian style FEATURE FRIDAY. And what better Italian dessert than the ever so famous Tiramisu. This gluten, sugar and dairy free Tiramisu is one to add to the to do list this weekend or the next family affair. An old sugary favourite with a healthy kick thanks to the gorgeous foodie blogger Emily from “This Rawsome Vegan Life”  Continue reading “FEATURE FRIDAY – RAW VEGAN TIRAMISU SLICE”


Because I don’t keep things very private or quiet (never have) you probably ALL know that today is my last day at work. It feels like the last day of school. The unknown of leaving high school or graduating university. Anyway enough of that for now… as my last Friday at work I thought it fitting to have en epic Feature Friday. As a kid those Jaffa chocolate balls were my fave! I love the combo of chocolate and orange (thanks to my dad) and have been drooling over a Jaffa cheesecake for a while now. Continue reading “RAW CHOCOLATE ORANGE JAFFA CHEESECAKE – FEATURE FRIDAY”


A couple of weeks ago it was my turn to make something sweet for girls night! I asked the host what her ultimate dessert would be that I could recreate a sugar-free healthy version of. After an almost instant reply of “ummm sticky date pudding??” I was a little stumped because sticky date puddings are usually made of butter and brown sugar – big No No’s! BUT it didn’t take long before I was completely mind blown from the healthy versions of sticky date desserts all over the internet. I decided to go with the amaaaaazing looking Loving Earth recipe because I practically drooled on my screen as soon as I read it. And let me just tell you it blew everyone’s mind and you couldn’t tell that there wasn’t a single grain of refined sugars in sight!!!! This is the real deal minus the nasties. The cake itself didn’t take too long to make either. I chose to make 1 single large cake but 4-6 mini individual loafs would also have been a treat. Dates are packed with fiber and have so many nutritional benefits for you body. They are one of the very best sweet and versatile foods that can regulate the digestive process and are great natural unrefined sweetener whilst also offering a rich dose of several vitamins and minerals. Some health specialists have suggested eating 2-3 dates a day is necessary for a healthy and balanced diet and digestive system. This dessert is the perfect combination of natural sugars, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats to give you the energy boost you need without the ugly sugar high and crash. Kids will also love it ! and salted caramel sauce?? need I say more!!!



sticky date 2



serves 6 – GF  P V SF DF – 50 minutes


4 teaspoons Coconut Oil (for greasing)

200g Salted Caramel L.E Chocolate >> SHOP HERE

3 tbsp Coconut Oil

80ml almond mylk

1 cup buckwheat flour or almond meal

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

½ cup Coconut Sugar

1 cup medjool dates, pitted

½ cup boiling hot water

250ml almond mylk

80–120g coconut cream


1 cup coconut cream

1 cup medjool dates, pitted

100g Salted Caramel Chocolate >> SHOP HERE

2 tbsp Lucuma or Maca Powder (optional)

2 tbsp coconut sugar

½ tsp salt



Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Grease the loaf pan, mini loaf pans or large cake tin with the coconut oil.

Put the chocolate, coconut oil and 80ml almond milk in a double boiler. Gently heat until the chocolate has melted. Stir until smooth, remove from the heat and set aside. (you could do this in the microwave if you wanted to)

In another bowl, put the flour, baking powder, salt and coconut sugar. Stir together.

In a blender or small food processor, blitz together the medjool dates and water until the dates are just broken up. Add 205ml of almond milk and mix until combined. Gently fold in the through the caramel chocolate mixture.

Divide the mixture into the prepared mini loaf tins or large cake tin and place into the oven.

MINI LOAFS: Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes until the edges and top are just cooked – you still want the middle to be slightly gooey as it will keep cooking once removed from the oven.

LARGE CAKE: Bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes until the edges and top are just cooked – you still want the middle to be slightly gooey as it will keep cooking once removed from the oven.


Whilst the puddings are baking simply blend in a blender the dates and coconut cream until smooth. Place into a saucepan over a low heat with the caramel chocolate, Lucuma/maca, coconut sugar and salt. Keep mixing until the chocolate has melted and everything is combined before removing from the heat.

Remove cake from oven and gently poke/stab cake with a knife to create holes. Pour 1/2 of the sauce over the cake and let it seep into the holes. This is where the moist ‘pudding’ factor takes place. You want it to be nice and moist.

Place back in oven for 5-10 minutes. (Note: You do not need to place the mini cakes back in the oven)

When ready to serve, gently run a knife around the edge of the pans to loosen the small puddings or cake. Place on serving plates and serve with hot caramel sauce. Enjoy immediately! A blob of vanilla bean or coconut ice cream would be an absolute match made in heaven here. I also shaved some extra caramel chocolate on top.

Thanks Loving Earth for this incredible recipe!!!

sticky date






My birthday is A MONTH away and so naturally I am already planning my raw wholesome sugar free cake which I plan on eating the whole thing. I came across this Vanilla Choc Berry layer cake and my mouth dropped. It is definitely in the running to be my 25th Birthday Cake! The Merrymaker Sisters >> Website HERE are two lovely local ladies from Canberra (yeah Canberra!!!) and are taking the Paleo life by storm. This layer cake is perfect for the gluten, dairy and sugar intolerant, is super healthy and looks amaze!!! Try it today! Continue reading “RAW VANILLA CHOC BERRY LAYER CAKE”


Another week another feature Friday on the blog and I find myself scrolling through one of my favourites Sarah Bambey once again. Not only is she lovely and down to earth and her recipes ARE INSANELY gorgeous and delicious but most of all I just love her natural zest for life and ‘no bullshit’ attitude. Her blog is called ‘Pretend Health Freak’ because she is exactly that. She is not a qualified nutritionist, PT, chef or yoga professional – Just a girl pretending to be an expert on all things health. (with google these days aren’t we all?) Continue reading “FEATURE FRIDAY – HEALTHY VEGAN CARROT CAKE”


Ever get home from work and just feel like devouring cake? I hope you said yes because I am like this 90% of the time! Thankfully I have plenty of cakes, tarts, slices and balls stored away in my freezer for sweet emergencies or when guests come over unannounced and I need a healthy sweet treat to go with a cuppa. Our household often indulges in raw vegan sugar-free tarts for dessert in front of a Saturday night movie.

This Raw Blueberry coconut and pistachio tart I whipped up in no time over the summer holidays for the family and they were all very impressed. There was 4 pieces left over which mum kept in the freezer and pulled out for dessert when entertaining a couple of weeks later and once again… happy faces!

This recipe can be both raw or baked. It is more of a texture preference or whether you would prefer it serves hot or cold. However, all the ingredients used are ‘raw’ and unprocessed so it is considered and raw tart. I chose to bake the base and serve it hot with some Salted Caramel ice cream. Divine!




1 cup pistachios

1 cup almonds

1/2 cup coconut oil

8-10 medjool dates

2 Tbs honey or coconut nectar

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees. Place all ingredients into a food processor and whizz until combined. Press base into lined or greased tart tin. Tins with removable bases work best. Place in oven for 15 minutes until the almond pistachio base is nice and brown. Do not over cook otherwise it will be too crumbly. Set aside to cool

blueb tart


2 cups cashews (soaked for 4 hours/overnight if possible)

3 Tbs honey or coconut nectar

1 cup frozen blueberries

200mls coconut cream or coconut yoghurt

Meanwhile, place all ingredients into cleaned food processor and whizz for 2-3 minutes until the cashews and blueberries are soft and creamy. Pour into tart tin and set aside.

blurb tart


1 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

1 egg white (optional – omit for vegan option)

In a bowl mix the shredded coconut with the oil and egg white. Once well coated top the blueberry filling with the coconut and place in hot oven for 10 minutes until the coconut is toasted and slightly brown. For raw option just top the blueberry layer with plain shredded coconut and set in freezer for 3-5 hours.

blueb tart 2

Store in fridge or freezer.

SERVE HOT: When you are ready to serve it – place the whole tart or selected slices on a baking tray and put in the oven for 15 minutes. Serve hot topped with ice cream or yoghurt. Highly recommend Murray river salted caramel connoisseur !!

SERVE COLD: take it out of the freezer and leave it to thaw for 10-15 minutes. Serve on a plate with some fresh berries or cream.

tart slice

HANDY LITTLE TIP- If you have left overs or excess of any of the layers whilst making it – don’t throw it away. Make some small pieces or slice with the layers and cook it exactly the same. Perfect little bite size high antioxidant sweet treats.

blurb tart slice




Sunday again? The weeks are SERIOUSLY flying past. Nothing like getting to Monday morning after a hugely busy weekend with nothing organised or planned, not to mention any time to just tune out and relax. You only have yourself to thank for the uncomfortable or baggy underwear you will be wearing Monday because you skipped washing day, or the over priced lunch you had to buy because you didn’t have time to do the grocery shop and all you had in the house was peanut butter and tuna tins. We have all been there.

A weekend escape can be one of the best things for us. Although arriving home late Sunday night can completely throw our week off and make us feel like we need another holiday escape. So this Sunday try to stay home, get organised, be productive and spend some time with the most important person in your life… YOU!!! SO JUST TUNE OUT!!

My three favourite things to do whilst ‘tuning out’ on a Sunday are:

1. Make a cuppa

2. Read a book or mag

3. Do some baking (peanut butter salted caramel slice recipe HERE)


What ever you chose to do – make sure if doesn’t involve the TV, internet, phone or laptop.

“A Sunday well spent – makes for a week of content”