Well the answer to that is YES!! ABSOLUTELY!!! Eggs are a very important part of a healthy clean eating lifestyle and one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are a great source of healthy fats and protein which keep you feeling full. They are also super easy to cook, relatively inexpensive and easy to transport!! 

When we were back in Australia (an employed…) I didn’t go a day between Monday and Friday without consuming at least 1 boiled egg. Every Sunday arvo after my weekly grocery haul I would boil up 15 eggs for the work week. That’s 5 x 2 eggs for me and 5 x 1 for my partner (he had a raw egg in his smoothie daily) Fortunately back then his mum lived on a lovely property with healthy fertile chickens so our supply was endless. These days the up side is that I have more time in my day to get creative with my eggs. Today I made poached eggs and yesterday I made a banana loaf packed with them. Pancakes tomorrow maybe?

5 ways to include eggs in your daily meal plan;

1. BOILED EGGS;  Boiled eggs are the perfect arvo or morning snack and can be chucked into the handbag or grabbed on the way out. Even eaten in the car depending on your driving skills! (kale and the kettlebell promotes safe driving however) smash them up with some avo and eat like a dip with crackers or just peel it and eat it whole. People in the office might give you funny looks but just wait – “first they laugh then they copy”

2. EGG SANDWICH OR WRAP; Mash up some boiled eggs with avocado and mayonnaise for your next toastie or wrap. If toasties aren’t your thing… plain boiled egg or curried egg, cheese and cucumber finger sandwiches are always a hit.

3. POACHED OR SCRAMBLED EGGS; eggs are the perfect breakfast ingredient and can be made so many different ways. They are the perfect accompaniment to avocado on toast or a great base for a quick scramble made with left over or wilted veggies.

4. EGG STRIPS IN STIR FRYS; this is such a simple yet effective addition to stir fry’s and other Asian dishes like fried rice (on my menu tonight) and it not only tastes great but boost the protein content. Simply whisk up some eggs, salt and a dash of milk and fry it in the fry pan 3 minutes or so per side. Let it cool before slicing it up into strips!! Then top or toss!!

5. RAW EGG; are you game enough? crack a raw egg into your next smoothie or whisk one into your hot steamy oats. Trust me! Sounds gross and its not for everyone but it makes everything more fluffy and light.

When it comes to eggs opt for the organic and free range where possible and ALWAYS EAT THE YOLK!! There is a lot of talk about how the yolk is the ‘fatty’ part of the egg – which is correct… however the yolk is full of the good fat that our body needs daily to thrive and also so many other nutrients that you are simply throwing away if you don’t consume. In the words of Sarah Wilson “eat the whole food. Don’t take out yolks or the fat. It’s the yolks and fat that contain the enzyme that breaks down the egg in your stomach, providing for better metabolism.”

A healthy diet is all about ‘whole’foods and ‘whole’some ingredients. You can throw away the shell but don’t miss out on the amazing nutrient dense yolk. So yes – eggs are totally all that they are CRACKED up to be!!


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