I am sure you have heard of the 80/20 lifestyle consisting of 80% clean and healthy food + 20% indulgent treat food = 100% perfect balance. This is the ‘lifestyle’ (not diet… I hate that word) that I like to follow and live by. It means that I eat healthy and clean foods majority of the time but then let myself indulge in the most naughty of naughty treats without any guilt or regret. When I focus on treating myself 20% of the time it means that I am naturally eating healthy the other 80% without trying. Continue reading “80/20 LIFESTYLE”


Protein balls are an absolute essential for the freezer in my house! I even have a stash in the freezer at work if I am about to dash off to a meeting and need something to get me by until my late lunch. Although they can be dangerous for people like me with zero self control when it comes to sweet treats! I tried rolling them super large so that eating one was enough although I just ended up eating a couple anyway. My limit is 3. You gotta draw the line somewhere! Continue reading “SALTED CARAMEL VANILLA NUT PROTEIN BALLS”