Rainy hump day and time for some bloggin’. I get asked A LOT about what I eat on a daily basis and if I eat sweets, ‘junk foods’ or follow any particular diet. I love being an inspiration to people and helping them with some meal, healthy snacks and recipes to kick start their healthy lifestyle…BUT (yes ladies there is always a but… and a bigger one if you squat hehe) the biggest thing that we all need to understand is that EVERYONE is different. Even if you eat exactly what I did – you WILL have a different outcome or result.

Some people have intolerances and allergies to certain food groups. Some people cut out meat or dairy based on religion, their upbringing or lifestyle beliefs. Some people eat strict meal plans based on their specific training or athletic regimes. Some people eat raw to cure disease or internal health issues and others just cant digest things the way the rest of us can. (without looking 5 months pregnant overnight that is) So what does this mean? Just because the person next to us or on social media is eating a certain meal or food doesn’t mean that it is the best option for OUR body. And if someone for some reason chooses not to eat a certain thing – don’t think its the newest fad and copy them. You never know what their story is and everyone’s body is different.

Elvis-Oats1-WM-BlogCheck out my PIMP YOUR PORRIDGE POST HERE


These days people (myself included) get so caught up in social media and fad diets that we forget to nourish our bodies properly. We only get one chance to build our body and fuel it correctly – Don’t stop eating  fruit because you are concerned with its natural sugar content. If you cut fruit out of your diet you would be denying your body of so many nutrients and minerals not to mention tasty fruity goodness. And a chocolate bar and piece are fruit are just not comparable. Trust me – if you don’t have natural sugars in your day you will end up grabbing that chocolate at the end of the day!

Don’t think that going gluten free, paleo or vegetarian is the ‘cool’ thing to do. I bet so many people with actual coeliac disease would love nothing more than biting into a huge piece of sourdough toast but they simply can’t. But for some reason that doesn’t stop the majority of us self diagnosing and restricting foods. The hottest and ‘raddest’ thing out there these days – “is to find what works for you”. Be you. Be unique! Eat everything in moderation. Enjoy burgers and chocolate, cheese platters and wine, bowls of spaghetti and garlic bread – just remember to also eat your greens, get your daily 5 vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit EVERYDAY and most of all just make healthy and smart choices. Life is too short to be restrictive and unbalanced.


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I love to eat yoghurt and refuse to CUT OUT any particular food group, especially dairy. (ummmm feta, goats cheese, cheddar, milk, yoghurt) For me yoghurt is full of probiotics and healthy gut properties that help settle any digestion discomfort I have. What about meat or grains? I love red and white meat – honestly I would struggle to go a day vegetarian and I love rice, toast, oats and quinoa too much to cut the grain. Our body needs carbs >>BLOG POST HERE on Carbs and their benefits.

pb banana breadPeanut butter on banana bread recipe HERE

We are told to eat ‘clean’ and ‘wholesome’ foods so we stop eating supermarket artificial crap. But then we are told to not eat grains or dairy because our ancestors lived that way – so we cut everything but fruit, vegetables and meat. Sarah Wilson tells us to restrict sugar and fruit – so now all we are eating is meat and greens. Vegetarian and vegan diets tell us to eliminate all meat and animal products so now all we are left with is … greens. If we listened to everyone we wouldn’t be able to eat any more than a large bowl of sautéed kale… no wait the raw diet restricts us cooking or heating food over 40 degrees so make that a glass of raw kale. And we all know this isn’t a healthy balance. Find your balance – and enjoy what makes your body work.

avo strawberry toast

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