Too many wines or cheese last night? No worries. The number one rule of a healthy lifestyle IS NO GUILT!!! Guilt only causes stress which inevitably causes weight gain so let it go! An indulgent Saturday night was probably exactly what you needed after a busy week!!

Want to get your body moving?? I am calling this THE ‘AB‘ WORKOUT. Not only is it an ‘abdominal’ workout it is also a created by the amazingly talented West Aussie icon ‘Amanda Bisk’ aka AB. This girl has an out of control gorgeous strong body and is stunning on the inside and out. I got this quick little Ab burner from her super popular instagram page >> @amandabisk but for more workouts and great healthy advice head to her blog for a sunday read HERE!! Thanks Amanda!!!



20 x sit ups

ab 2

20 x side crunches (each side)

ab 3

20 x knee to elbow plank


20 x alternating toe touches

ab 1


There is a video of her completing these exercises if you need more information on her instagram page @amandabisk! just scroll through and have a ponder!


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