I don’t know about you but I am a creature of habit, not one who likes too much change, and someone who falls into a routine very comfortably and fast. Ok ok yes these are sounding like excuses you are right. These are the things that I tell myself every day when I think … “do I have a coffee addiction?” and the answer is yes. I do. You probably do too. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. Continue reading “BUT FIRST… COFFEE”


If there is one thing that I truly hate… it is being hungover. I used to be the type of girl who could chug vodka from a bottle (yes i have a dark side buried deep below the surface from my younger years – don’t we all?) and I would NEVER get hungover or be sick the next day. Probably because I regrettably vomited it all out that night, but anyway… and then things changed as I got older and BOOM. Now any more than just two wines with dinner and I cant help but wake up feeling seedy.

So – how would you feel knowing there was a healthy hangover cure that doesn’t involve sugary drinks like Powerade, Sprite and Mizone to get you moving? The answer is simple. Get some asparagus spears on your plate. Yep asparagus… which conveniently makes a delicious breakfast side so you are in luck. Ask for a side of grilled asparagus with that greasy bacon and egg dish and it will make you feel oh so much better.

photo 3

According to Korean scientists, asparagus contains compounds that can alleviate hangover pain. The amino acids and minerals in the green spears can relieve the toxic effect that excess drinking has on the liver by speeding up the metabolism of alcohol. Asparagus also has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and diuretic properties.

If all else fails remember the feeling you are experiencing and maybe just don’t drink as much next time!!

What to eat before a night out on the town?? Baked beans and avocado on grainy toast and a glass of apple juice. Oh and a large spoonful or two of probiotic Greek/natural yoghurt. Why? Well the beans, avocado and grains release energy slowly to prevent hunger and a fall in blood sugar levels caused by alcohol. The apple juice helps you stay hydrated and contains vitamin C which is often depleted by heavy drinking. They are also both good sources of zinc and vitamin A which are vital for a healthy immune system and are depleted by too much alcohol. Probiotic yoghurt counteracts morning-after bowel problems caused by binge drinking. GOODLUCK!!!!




(above) Lunch box packed for the flight back to Perth last week – all the goods!!

If there is something that I excel at in life… it is snacking! Road trips, aero plane flights, weekend escapes, movie dates… you name it, I’ve got the snacks covered. I am honestly like a child. The only way to keep me happy is occupying me with food. When it comes to planes, boats and cars I blame this on my motion sickness. For some reason the only way to keep the nausea away is by eating. Literally as soon as I finish chomping my last mouthful, the motion sickness sets in. So that’s why I always have food handy!

And my draw at work. Well that is another whole kettle of fish. Unlike the limited space of a woman’s handbag my draw is STOCKED full of the essential snacks to keep that HANGRY feeling away. Nothing gets me in quite a rage like being so insanely hungry that it turns to anger. Admit it – we have all been there.

Here are my 5 favourite grab-and-go snacks kept on hand to avoid the “hangry” stage;

1. Rice cakes with nut butters, fruit, cottage cheese or avocado. (photo sourced from @mb_motivation)


2. Banana and handful of nuts/trail mix

banana cashew 2

3. Protein bars or homemade muffins (banana date muffin recipe HERE)

protein bar


4. Carrot sticks with hummus


5. Medjool dates with peanut butter or almonds



Try and combine healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates into the one snack for optimum nutrition. That’s why you cant go wrong with the above snacks!!