So the holidays are over and it is officially time to put it all behind you, smile and get back on track with your life. I spent the last couple of weeks of December (well last half of the year really) with a very relaxed unroutined lifestyle doing exactly what I wanted. I slept in until 10am most days, I went out for multiple coffee dates, watched movies in bed, I didn’t leave the apartment on other days, and I didn’t have a health or fitness routine whatsoever. It sounds glorious but it was a lot harder to mentally get my head around than you would believe. Espeically for someone who used to run on a routine like clock work. Yes I ate whatever I wanted. Yes I drank alcohol. Yes I ate chocolate, fruit mince pies and general gluten. Yes I REGRET NOTHING and yes I  HAVE HAD THE BEST TIME!

But like all good things, it has come to an end. The most important part about getting back from ‘holidays’, both mentally and physically is accepting the time off and then getting back into routine. But it’s not that simple. After having a month off your fitness levels will most likely have decreased (don’t worry this is easy to get back) and your body isn’t used to your normal training routine. You need to ease back into it. My first session back was yoga (one of my nye resolutions too) and let me tell you I was sore even after a few downward dogs and sun salutations.




  • Do take it easy. Ease back into the gym and allow your body time to recover and rest
  • Do drink lots of water. Aim for 2 Litres per day. Post on drinking water>> HERE
  • Do stretch your muscles after a workout. This is just as important as the actual workout. Post on stretches >> HERE
  • Do warm up and cool down each for 5 minutes
  • Do make friends with salad. It’s the perfect time of the year for yummy salads for those of you in Australia (Londoners – it’s all stews, curries and comfort food for us). Post on festive salads>> HERE


  • Don’t over commit or set unrealistic challenges/goals
  • Don’t make silly resolutions and cut out food groups or ban certain foods. Telling yourself you will NOT eat chocolate will only make you crave it more. Everything in moderation!!!
  • Don’t think you will lose weight by eating less. Just eat right. Post on the ten foods you should be eating daily >> HERE
  • Don’t feel guilty for what you may or may not have don’t over the holidays. They are supposed to be enjoyed and indulgent. Post on indulgent eating and cheat meals 20% of the time >> HERE
  • Don’t compare yourselves to others. What might be your beginning might be someone else’s end.

Don’t worry if before Christmas you could do 10 push ups on your toes and now you can barely pump out 2. Good things take time – trust the process!


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