Food, fitness and wellbeing has been a huge part of my life the last couple of years and – so I did what every half talented minor out there with a computer did – I started a blog. Read my first blog post >> HERE. 


It started off as something personal for myself and has now grown into my passion.  I learnt that people weren’t interested in the sugar coated glossy fitspo crap and more about relating to other people’s personal struggles and real life issues. I didn’t realise how many people were experiencing the same things as me and thought that no matter what I wrote there was someone I could help or relate to. This is why I get so much out of my blog too.


So 12 months on, what is Kale and the Kettlebell really about? What have I achieved in opening my soul to a bunch of randoms over the global internet? What should you read my blog as opposed to one of the other thousand health and fitness blogs popping up each day? Well I’ve got you reading this far so I must be doing something half right!!


I wanted my blog to be delicious. A journal for my recipes online so everyone can share my goodness. Also because I got tired of hand writing (yes …) out the millions of recipes I came across on the net and then spilling coffee on them. Oh and practically gave myself an RSI from print screening drool worthy creations on my phone. Actually I still do that who am I kidding? Print screen is the best feature on the iPhone. Or is it the selfie cam? haha


I wanted my blog to be inspiring. You know what you are lying in bed thinking you should get up, kick goals, work out or do something productive but don’t and then you see some inspirational quote or absolute babe and boom your up and atem (at em?). Or maybe some inspiration for myself to do exactly that – get shit done!


I wanted my blog to be creative. Not just 1 cup of this, 12 push ups that. I wanted it to be quirky and expressive. Probably half the reason I don’t spell check (Rob’s mum is an editor and I can just feel her cringe at once glance of my post) or try to over write each post because I want it to be from the heart, a bit random, fun and just like me. I wanted to share stories, be weird and make people laugh. The more ‘me’ I allowed my blog to be the more I discovered about myself.


I wanted my blog to be honest. There are a lot of blogs out there and articles you read where you just feel miserable after because the people seem invincible and perfect. People who never have bad days, are always looking immaculate, abs and tans every day of the year and cocktails always in hand, no tears in sight. Well let me just tell you I have bad days, I cry, I throw it all in, I never look immaculate, I don’t have abs and I certainly don’t spend my life drinking cocktails or doing yoga poses. I used to struggle with my thoughts, my weight and overall happiness with myself. You wouldn’t have known it because I never wrote about it until recently but everyone has a daily struggle.


Yes there have been times that have been far from successful or pretty. There are times where I haven’t thought that highly of myself or the blog.  I’ve wanted to delete it. Change my name. Start fresh. Be anonymous. But if you can’t stop thinking about it then don’t stop fighting for it right? I decided to keep going and the more people commented on how much they love it and how inspired they are by the way I write the more into it I got. Fair to say my blog and I went to second base ;) One lovely girl said she has recently lost 15kg and every time she felt like giving up she would read my blog. Another said she stayed up for hours one night reading it without realising the time because she was so intrigued and engulfed by my writing. Companies contacted me saying how much they loved my pages and zest for life (no I do not promote companies no matter how much free stuff they offer – I only promote what I love and works for me.) No skinny tea and teeth whitening here… Although my teeth could do with some whitening…. Anyone? Just kidding.


Have I changed as a person in the last year? You know it. The blog has made me more open and verbal about my love for health and fitness and made me stumble across some amazing fit people that inspire me along the way. The two biggest and hardest things are CHANGE and BALANCE. No one likes change and trying to find balance can also be much harder than you think.



Balance… ahh the word that we all suck at the most. I am an all or nothing person and so balance is a biggie with me. Learn how to stay up late in high heels drinking cocktails with friends on a Saturday and then go for a walk and have a green smoothie on Sunday morning. I have adapted from the 90% 10% to a more 70-30 as of late and my mind and body is better for it. I eat healthy and green to nourish and fuel my body and I eat chocolate to nourish and fuel my smile and brain! Balance is the most important part of life and a lot of people spend their whole life struggling to find it. Whether it be family, friends, work, hobbies, fitness … Anything. Find your balance.

silly season


I used to think exercise was just a way to work off the bad food I ate. The gym was a chore for me, something that I HAD to do and not necessarily enjoyed. I would dread going to Attack but knew it meant I could eat cake later. I would workout for an hour plus each time and not be satisfied unless I broke decent sweat. Phwwwooooah have things have changed. Now exercise is just a part of my life, something I love and not a chore. I now workout much, much less (well pretty non existent at the moment to be completely honest) and  allow myself to rest. I also found enjoyment in the non-sweaty/vigorous styles of exercise like yoga, pilates and just simply walking. Because exercise doesn’t have to be all sweat and tears.

plank 1


Uhh oh! I wrote a whole post on food relationships >> HERE as this is such a big issue in our modern society. This balance took me the longest to realise because your relationship with food can be a serious addiction. I saw food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I cut out all the ‘bad’ food and restricted food groups, made food diaries, counted calories and cut carbs. Yikes i know!! Well glad those days are over.  I learnt to eat when I was hungry not at a certain hour. I stopped punishing myself for eating bad food. I started eating foods that were enjoyable to eat and nourishing for my body and foods that I craved and liked. I learnt to eat slowly and mindfully and to enjoy every mouthful.



I have also learnt to love myself and I can’t “stress” how much this has helped me both physically and mentally. My body is an amazing machine and I wasn’t giving it enough credit or love. Even at my lowest weight I wasn’t happy and this constant stress made my cortisol levels increase (off the rikta) which caused a world of hormonal issues. I carry my weight around my stomach like a 4 year old running around the pool with a turtle ring floatation device. But I learnt that excessive tummy fat is due to high stress levels and my mental state was making me retain that fat no matter how hard I tried to remove it. Go figure. I stopped caring about what other people thought of me and learnt to love myself. Because this is MY life. Only I can live it and caring about what others think only makes me insecure and hold back.



Well I think quitting my job, selling my car and bed and flying across the world speaks for itself with this? The more people I meet along the way, the more I realise what a huge and BRAVE thing I am doing. There is so much of the world I haven’t seen and cannot wait to experience it. Even if you can’t travel as often as you like just book a weekend away to somewhere you haven’t been. Because travel is the only thing in life you can buy that will make your richer…

bucket list

What’s in the pipes for Kale and the Kettlebell over the next year? More change? More balance? Eeeeeek!!! Who knows? At the moment I am traveling the world and experiencing what hidden treasures (and food) is out there. When I reside in London after Christmas I will start a new and more routined style of life and find my new locals for the daily grind. So far the black truffle in England’s lane, Camden is my fave Bonsoy flatty. Oh and when the money tree stops growing i’ll have to get a job right?


I will always be passionate about my blog and health and fitness … Because I am here to live long and happily. This little lady is going to be rocking those push ups (ok maybe only savasanas) when she’s 80! Because a body treated well – is a body for life!

Watch this space




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