With the Aussie Rules Grand Final weekend JUST around the corner – *cough* Carn West Coast *cough* or even just a long weekend for some Eastern States, you are guaranteed to have a beverage in hand. I did a little bit of research on which alcohol is the best for us (or shall I say better than the rest), and the pro’s and con’s of red, white, champas and beer.



Pro’s – we all know that red wine is packed with antioxidants; resveratrol and flavonoids. These antioxidants are good for your heart health and for lowering choleserol. Bonus! Red Wine is also very low in fructose making it Sarah Wilson’s, author ‘I Quit Sugar’ drink of choice.

Con’s – You mean the deliciously attractive red wine stain you get on your mouth isn’t attractive? Well no not quite although if you keep your mouth closed it might give you that deep purple Revlon colour you have been wanting. That aside you need to drink A LOT of red wine to benefit enough from the antioxidants however in doing so you will counteract any of the benefits by most likely passing out and causing a lot of liver damage.


Pro’s – so what about Red wines ‘cleaner’ friend white wine? Other than the perfect partner for a white outfit, white wine has been proven to have health benefits for your lungs and lung tissue.

Con’s – It is far more acidic than the red variety and therefore not fantastic for your chompas (teeth). White wine also contains the same amount of calories as red sans the heart healthy antioxidants so it is therefore less nutritious.


Pro’s – a glass of bubbly can actually have the same heart and health benefits as red wine minus the calories. This is because it’s made from red, as well as white, grapes, and therefore contains most resveratrol. Champagne also contains polyphenol antioxidants, which further protects the heart in its own way. If you are concerned about calorie content in alcohol, bubbles might be the drink for you. Due to the smaller glass/serving size you can sip away the same amount of drinks as your wine drinking friends yet consuming far less, which is good for your health and sobriety.

Con’s – nice champagne comes with a pretty hefty price tag which can sometimes make you grab the cheaper ‘on special’ variety. Uhhh ohh! Unfortunate for some, a glass of bubbles can also cause severe migranes.


Pro’s – the nutritional value of beer exceeds that of wine. The values of protein, fiber, B vitamins, folate and niacin found in beer make it more like food. Beer has also been found to increase your bone density and be beneficial to your skin. Apparently the hops in beer have also been proven to reduce obesity – but that was tested on mice so take it with a pinch of salt. It does however contain next to no sugar and fructose.

Con’s – excessive amounts of beer can lead to liver damage and pack a large calorie punch. It is also very high in carbohydrates. Oh and beer guts aren’t sexy!


Overall ??

The truth is any type of alcohol can offer life-extending benefits. When it comes to which alcoholic beverage to order – neither is healthier than the other. It isn’t the type of alcohol but more the frequency and quantity when reaping benefits.

Although many people suggest that drinking a glass of red is like drinking to your health, a pint of beer can be the same. While the calories can add up, the alcohol content is lower in beer meaning you can have more casual afternoon brewskies without falling over. At the end of the day order what you enjoy more – because alcohol is to be enjoyed not abused.

PS EAGLES FOR THE 2015 PREMIERSHIP FLAG – bring it home boys!!!!


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