I’m very excited to say that Lauren Hunter has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. Go and have a look at her gorgeous blog: Taste Tingle I wasn’t really sure what the Liebster Award is at first, but it’s basically a good way to promote both your own and your favourite blogs!


The rules:

  • Answer the questions set for you
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees

Here are the answers to the questions I was asked:

1.) What is your favourite meal or recipe?

My favourite meal would have to be salmon. although I am a HUGE steak fan (and rare steak snob…guilty) I cant go past salmon. Smoked, baked, fried or raw… I just love it! At the moment I would probably have to say my spinach and walnut pesto zucchini pasta with a fillet of salmon. >> RECIPE HERE.  It is rich and decadent and the good healthy essential fats keep my full. It is actually the bomb!
2.) What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

Ok so it makes sense that my fave kitchen gadget matches my fave meal right? so I would have my to say my spirualiser/julienne peeler that creates my zucchini pasta. although they are bloody sharp (mind the pun) so beware of little stray fingers.

zucchini pasta1
3.) Why did you decide to start a blog?

I started getting into the healthy recipes and foodie world about 18 months ago. In my spare time I started creating a hand written recipe journal (yes I am a sucker to writing things down but seriously what was I thinking… hand written…) and then when people asked me for my recipes I thought it was easier to create a blog that people all over the world could access and share. I am also live on the other side of Australia to my beautiful family and Perth friends so it was also a way for them to keep in the loop with what I was up to. Mum loves to know what I am eating and get some foodie ideas because she misses me in the kitchen back home!!
4.) If you could only pick one ingredient to have a permanent supply of, what would it be?

ohhhh dear this excites me and stresses me at the same time. my first answer was PEANUT BUTTER! ! of course… but then I thought I would take a little extra ten seconds to think deeper… permanent supply…. hmmmmm maybe RIPE avocadoes? or rye bread. no peanut butter? I don’t know! all three!

pb banana bread
5.) What is your best recipe creation or favourite recipe?

My favourite recipe ‘creation’ is my Friday night FROYO! this is a little Friday treat that I made up and started and my lovely household has all jumped on board. On a Friday night (yes we are grandmas and pas) we love to stay in and watch a movie on the couch with our home made frozen yoghurt creations. It is super easy and simple… the only hard part is waiting for it to freeze!!


1 ripe banana

1 heaped tablespoon (I like to say scoop because who actually uses a level measured tablespoon lets be honest…) of natural peanut butter

1 tsp cacao powder

3 heaped scoops of natural greek yoghurt

Mash the banana and whip it up with the peanut butter. when combined add the yoghurt and cacao and get some elbow grease (or whole arm grease) action into it. when smooth put it in the freezer for 1 and 1/2 hours stiring after each 30 mins. when its frozen and soft serve like whip it one last time and then top with 2 cookies, cacao nibs, shredded coconut, loving earth salted caramel chocolate and some extra lashings of peanut butter. oh and 4 little slices of frozen banana too! it is heavenly and so decadent! sugar free dessert right there!!!!

6.) What is your favourite taste combination (such as banana & peanut butter!)?

Guess I don’t need to answer this one because it is written in the question…. peanut butter and banana. is there any better combo?? with some cinnamon too!
7.) What is your guilty pleasure?

my favourite guilty pleasure is not a guilty one. Not because it is 100% clean but because I believe that food shouldn’t hold any guilt. guilt is how you should feel when you do something wrong that hurts someone else – how can eating something delish on the occasion possibly fit this brief? My favourite ‘treat’ besides my froyo mentioned in question 5 would be rye or banana bread with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. Good think I allow myself to eat it on a regular basis! I am not an artificial chocolate fan and to be honest I have hated (yes I know hate is a strong word) hot chips for most of my life. potato ewwwweeee!! so if I HAD to chose chocolate that wasn’t raw organic and wholesome like the loving earth luvju range then I would chose Lindt dark mint or coconut intense. but once again I aint holding no guilt for chowing that back! a little bit of self love goes a long way!!

coocnut intesne
8.) One food that you can’t stand?

Potato. Eww!! sweet potato… well that’s a different story. I eat sweet potato most days but regular white potato or hot chips sorry just don’t do it for me. I can sometimes manage to swallow chips when they are 99% crispy skin or a potato mash that is 90% butter and milk hehe
9.) Who do you cook for?

I cook for my beautiful other half ROB!! Every second Tuesday I cook for my housemates and we have a ‘family’ dinner (whilst the boys go to Pilates) and whenever I get a chance I cook for YOU! Yes all my wonderful followers and fans. I experiment and come up with awesome recipes to photograph so you can make them at home yourself!!

Their favourite so far has been my Satay Chicken Pies >> Recipe HERE


10.) What recipe do you make most often?

So I am assuming that peanut butter and banana on toast isn’t a ‘recipe’ as such so therefore the recipe I make the most would be my the following 3…

The weekly bake of my sugar free banana blueberry muffins >> recipe here

My ultimate fave Spirulina mint balls >> recipe here

AND some sort of smoothie. Try this Mango Coconut Macadamia one >> recipe here.

mango smoothie

I’ve chosen the following as my nominees because they all have such inspiring and beautiful blogs! Here they are:

Thrifty Wholesome – Johanna Hagenauer

Sweat and Oranges  – Jayne and Katie

Face of Fit – Becky Lomas Strong is the new skinny

Amanda Bisk  

The Merry Maker Sisters  – Carla and Emma Papas

Bottoms up Fitness – Libby, Cassey and Alicia

Everyday Simple Health – Laiken

Bianca Cheah

Fitness and Health with 0403 Natalie

Kerri Doggett


Here are the questions that I want to ask my nominees:

1.) What is your favourite meal of the day?
2.) When did you start blogging?
3.) Why did you decide to start a blog? What inspired you?
4.) If you could only pick one ingredient to have a permanent supply of, what would it be?
5.) What is your favourite recipe?
6.) What is your favourite toast topping? ie peanut butter or vegemite
7.) What is something you do EVERYDAY?
8.) What is your biggest tip for those starting their healthy lifestyle/journey?
9.) What has been your biggest recipe fail? Something that took you ages to get right? (ps mine would have to be mugcakes… hello microwave explosions)
10.) What is your ‘signature’ recipe?

Hope you enjoy answering them!



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