Well after yesterday’s blog post (HERE) which questioned how many of us are happy with our daily routine or how many of us are excited about Monday morning.. did anyone actually bounce out of bed, have an awesome brekkie, grab a coffee and sit down at their computer with a big ‘Friday’ smile on their face?

Well I must admit – although I try ever so hard to practice what I preach – I am still suffering from a case of Mondayitis. It all started promising as I began making a banana raspberry and chia smoothie (simply 1 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen raspberries, 1/2 cup oats, 1+ cups almond/coconut milk and 1Tbs chia seeds) AND then the blender leaked and short circuited the power. I didn’t know how to ‘fix’ this so I just went upstairs, 1/2 blended chunky (but still delicious) smoothie in hand and got Mr Fix it!!

Alas I was then driven to work (such a delight) and am now sitting down at my desk with my insanely delicious creamy hot coffee (great coffee from ‘Remedy’ Lonsdale Street Roasters for those curious Canberran’s) and have got the diary out to plan the week ahead. And then the Mondayitis kicks in. Busy week, submissions due, multiple evening events, things to catch up on…. and my coffee is now empty! I love what I do but sometimes we all need that little Monday pick me up!

So lets kick that Mondayitis in the butt by making these 6 simple promises to ourselves everyday this week. After all it is the last week of Nutritional November and also the last week of spring before our healthy and happy December begins! Side note 30 days 14 hours 32 minutes 01 seconds until Christmas (whose counting?)

1. I will…. set time aside for the most important person in my life… ME!! hello cuppa, couch and a magazine

2. I will … get some fresh air every day either by eating my lunch outside or taking a quick walk to the coffee shop

3. I will… always try and see the fun and not take things too seriously

4. I will… accept my strengths as well as my flaws

5. I will… keep in mind that I cannot control everything but instead control my way of thinking

6. I will… appreciate the simple things in life like a nice view, a pretty flower or a delicious treat


On that note HAPPY MONDAYITIS – I need another coffee …


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