IBIZA; K + K fit and healthy guide to;

Ibiza is not all about the drugs, hectic beats and fluro glow sticks. These days Ibiza is becoming more and more popular as a fitness destination with copious outdoor gyms, protein cafes and acai bowls popping up all over the Island.


Amante Beach Club;  This white pool chairs and umbrellas with a cocktail service and killer beach view.



Formentera; this is a total MUST. We got a sunset catamaran tour to the island before we flew out that night and it was the highlight of the trip by far. Awesome tunes, lying on the netting of the catamaran drinking cocktails and jumping off into the most clear aqua water ever.



TO EAT; You won’t be eating crap food on this island (except for the terrible hotel buffet). When it comes to cafes they know a thing or two about healthy clean eating.

Skinny kitchen; Protein shakes and protein pancakes galore. Breakfast lunch and dinner just pick a time and pop by. The after eight protein shake was choc mint and by far a favourite.


Bondi Kitchen; For all things Bondi, think peanut butter smoothies, green juices, chicken salads and Aussie burgers. Mmmmm. Although they are going to call it Bond-dee not Bond-eye.

cafe bondi

Passion; One of the first healthy cafes to come to Ibiza and now there’s 4 locations on the island. Throwing it out there ‘the best chicken salad I have ever had’ I would literally have eaten there every meal if it wasn’t so expensive. The one in…is the best.


So if you are lucky to go to Ibiza this summer… and you aren’t going for the hectic party scene then make sure you indulge in these amazing foodie places, go hang at the beach club and get your butt on that catamaran.


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