I went to Beany Green in Paddington for brunch (on my top 5 London smashed avo’s post >> here) and it was I thought that I would recreate it, so this morning did exactly just that. I winged it, as usual, and they turned out a treat. Super filling and wholesome, healthy with minimal ingredients and maximum taste. Do yourself a favour or woo someone with your breakfast skills. 


Makes 12 fritters (serves 4) – 45 mins – GF SF DF* P*


1 + 1/2 cup oat flour (could also use almond flour for Paleo)

1/2 whole broccoli including stalk (or zucchini)

5 eggs (+ extra for poaching/boiling after)

1/4 cup olive oil 

2 tins sweet corn kernels (200gm tins)


Chili flakes and cumin

extra oil for pan

1 avocado

feta (optional omit for dairy free)


 Place broccoli in blender or processor and pulse until finely diced. Place in bowl. Whizz the eggs and oil together and add to broccoli. Add corn drained. Add oat flour and spices. Mix until combined into thick cake mixture. Too thick? Add another egg.

Heat fry pan. Makes 6 -8 fritters. Put 4 in a pan to start. Cook for 5 minutes each side. Set aside. Use rest of mixture for final 4.

Meanwhile boil water for poaching eggs. You can use 1 or 2 eggs each up to you. You want to make your eggs nice and runny to compliment the fritters but of course you can cook your eggs totally up to you so i’ll let you freestyle this step.

Cut avocado in half. Spoon out and slice finely ready for plating up.

Fritters and eggs ready? Now we plate.

3 fritters per plate. Top with egg/s. Crumble feta on top. Splay avocado out on the side in a pretty way. Top with dukkah or spices and enjoy.

You could have haloumi instead of feta and if you are feeling super special why not add bacon or smoked salmon. You don’t need toast the fritters are the start themselves.

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