Morrocco is not a destination city. You don’t go to tick things off your list because there aren’t really any. It is all about soaking up the culture one tagine and sugary mint tea at a time. With no expectations I certainly loved it. The tagines, the markets, the locals. It is only a stone throw from London and the culture and beautiful architecture and French style is just amazing. Book it!!

We spent 10 days there which was that extra bit too much. It didn’t help that Rob got food poisoning and was sick at the end but nonetheless we loved it. The traditional hostels are called Riad’s. They are usually multi story homes with a large open air courtyard/atrium. Most of them have roof tops which make for awesome view of the Medinas.

We went to Fes, Marrakech and Essaouira. If you make the trip and are limited for time I loved Fes the best and the camel tour into the Sahara desert. So here is my tips. Oh wait. Before I start here is my biggest tip. You WILL turn into a Tagine and will be put off tagines for the year to follow :)


the ‘new’ Marrakech, Fes is exactly was Marrakech was like 10 years ago before the tourism took over. It is home to the largest no vehicular zone in the world. The Medina (old walled city) is still very much in its own world and as cultured and local as you would want. Beware of people trying to give you ‘tours’ and trying to take your money. We stayed at ‘Dar Warda’ and it was 10/10. 


Cafe Clock; There is a Cafe Clock in Marrakech too, but we loved the one in Fes and went every day. The Camel Burger, don’t think about it just eat it, is divine. Great roof top, they even do local art classes and other exciting things. Check their schedule for events when you’re there.

camel burger.jpg


Sunset Camel Tour; depending where you are staying your hotel/Riad will probably know and recommend this tour to you. We chose the one that was 2 nights and went from Fes to Marrakech via the Sahara. Highly recommend. You do have to drive quite a bit but it is worth it. You ride the camels into the desert, sleep under the stars and eat local food by the fire. On the way to Marrakech from Fes you drive through these beautiful gorges and oasis’s throughout the Atlas mountains. We even stopped on the side of the road to hold snakes !!! Snakes!!




goats in a tree

The Blue Gate in the Medina; Huge gorgeous gate which is as stated Blue. It is one of the main entrances into the Medina so expect to get hassled the second you walk through it. Locate it on the map in regards to your Riad so when you get lost, ask for the Blue gate.

blue gate



the buzzing red city, a place that intrinsically blends elements of the indigenous Berber with a pop of French joie de vivre. 

Café des Epices; Perfect stop for a quinoa grain salad or a coffee if you need a break from the winding maze of the Medina. This cafe also has a cute roof top deck with a great view.

e spices

NOMAD; awesome roof top restaurant with great share plates. Not the cheapest going around and quite western but when you feel like something schmancy and fresh with a sweet view, this is the place. Open for lunch and dinner.


Bakchich Cafe; feeling like something light? Head here for a ‘Marrakech smoothie’ consisting of avocado orange and dates, and an omelette and salad. Followed by fruit and homemade yoghurt for dessert.


Kechmara, is a cool Gallo-Maroc hangout well worth checking out. Its menu is laid out in a tapas style, brimming with delicious lamb burgers, pasta dishes and green salads if you’ve OD’d on the tagines.

Jardin Majorelle; this delightful botanical garden, is an absolute must while you’re in this part of town. Home to the famous Yves Saint Laurent, it is just exquisite. Expensive but worth it.




 I totally understand why people love this place. If you go to Morocco you MUST go here. The locals let you be. The fish is fresh. This little slice of coastal Morocco reminds we so much of Fremantle in West Aus. Expect seagulls, sunsets and surfing. The beach is long and there are even camel rides available. A few of my mates got 5* hotels on the beach for a cheap R&R weekend but Rob and I slummed it in a local Riad in the Medina.  

Morocco, Essaouira


Sunset; Perch yourself up on the main wall in the Medina over looking the ocean for a beautiful sunset.



MEGA Loft; a Moroccan cafe and gallery with a twist and the cutest interior ever. We were lucky enough to have live music too so if it is a Friday or Saturday book a table for after sunset. There’s a restaurant called the loft so don’t get these mixed up.


Morocco really was beautiful. Expect nothing. Ty everything. And enjoy the beautiful culture and beautiful locals. Just don’t invite me over for couscous or a tagine anytime soon.




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