I feel like this blog has been a long time coming, so it is FINALLY here!! All the hottest places to eat in Bali, best smoothie bowls, best coffee and brunches and one hell of an activity for the fitness enthusiast. Bali has changed a lot over the last decade and it is becoming more and more health conscious, as fitness camps and retreats are popping up all over the island. The Gili islands, Lombok and of course Ubud are still very much untouched, so just avoid Kuta and you will have an amazing experience. Here is my fit and healthy guide to BALI!

When I go to Bali I am fortunate enough to stay in my family villa in Batu Belig (between Seminyak and Canggu) website here >>Villa Alun Batu Belig

I love how the menus are always changing as they use seasonal and local produce. If the avocados aren’t in season – you won’t see them on the menu or plate. Buying local and fresh produce has been one of the values of the Balinese lifestyle for years. So forget about the cocktails, Bali is all about the smoothie bowls topped with more fruit then you can possible imagine overlooking incredible sunsets whilst laying on beach bean bags. Comfort plus!


TO EAT (get ready it’s a big list)

Cafe Organic, Seminyak – Aka Garden Gangstas! This place is a little slice of paradise (and Melbourne coffee) on the main drag in Seminyak. Known for the most ridiculous smoothie bowls, even one inside a pineapple. Make a stop by there for something organic and tropical and totally Instagram worthy all day long.


Sister Fields, Seminyak – Don’t let the price tag steer you away. This place gets super busy so if you are a table of more than 4 you might need to avoid peak times (which is sort of 24/7 in Bali right?) Another Australian wonder opposite the Seminyak square and ‘Cool’ day spa (my fave) they do some very impressive Aussie style brunches.


The Spicy Coconut, Batu Belig – this little vegan gem popped up JUST across the road from Dad’s villa and I was there every single day except Monday, only because they were closed. Owned by Aussie Mel and her Indo husband, they make the best smoothie bowls on the island, they also had a great range of savoury breakfast items that suited the gentlemen and anti vegans.


Watercress, Batu Belig – A true fave to the Aussies and Batu Belig tourists, this cafe was one of the first aussie healthy one of the block. Perfect for the expats who sit on their Mac’s whilst sipping coffee and eating smashed avo all day long in the Bali sunshine. I hear there is also one in Ubud, correct me if I am wrong. They have a window of salads which you can pick and choose and stack your plate high, as below with Mumma.


Nalu Bowls, Uluwatu – When everyone else was watching the sunset sipping on their Bingtang or cocktail I opted for a Nalu smoothie bowl at the Uluwatu branch over looking the surf. Famous for their awesome smoothie bowls this place is worth the visit.




Sea Circus, Seminyak – This little Melbourne, Australia style cafe has been around for a few years and was one of the first places that I had a real flat white and poached eggs at in Bali – which 5 years ago was a BIG DEAL. Not that you should travel the world to eat Aussie food but as a huge fan of brunch this place is not to be missed. I love how their coffees come with gorgeous little quotes of inspiration. And their insta a very cool too. Check it out.





Alchemy, Ubud – Alchemy Bali is the island’s first 100% raw vegan cafe & juice bar, organic health food store, and holistic clinic. If you are in the Ubud area it is totally worth a visit for a little dose of health.


Coffee and Thyme – Gili Air Island When we popped over to Gili Islands I certainly wasn’t expecting cute cafes with good coffee but this place was just amazing. The cute local boys who worked their remembered our names and orders and were just so nice. Plus the coffee was great and they had gluten free sugar free cakes and muffins.






Mt Agung or Mt Batua Sunrise Hike – Now let me just tell you that this was one of those hate love experiences. It challenged me in many many ways but once we were at the top, or back down at the bottom for that matter it was actually an amazing achievement. I would 100% recommend it but you must know that it will be a struggle. You will probably want to quit, but push through. There is more than just an incredible sunset at the top.



So this is all I have for now but I will update it and add some things to it another time. If you go to bali, hike the mountain/volcano in the dark and eat every acai bowl the island has to offer. You will love it.








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