When it comes to high quality products you cannot go wrong with the tick of Aussie made approval. Even living in London, I seem to find myself attracted to the Aussie products and they are finding themselves more and more on International shelves. There are so many active wear brands out there today and it is hard to find ones that are of real top quality, that you aren’t just paying for the little logo *cough* LuluLemon *cough*. (Although Lululemon do offer one of the best qualities and guarantees around – I find myself paying for the little silver logo). 

So what are the best Aussie activewear brands going around these days? You cannot go wrong with my 4 top faves; Vie Activewear, L’urv, Jaggad and most recently Lilybod.

VIE ACTIVEWEAR; These brown leopard compression tights are by far the best in the biz. Totally flattering, sexy and with compression qualities you cannot go wrong. Everyone asks me where they are from and compliments my legs whilst wearing them :) And when Khloe Kardashian has a pair too – you know you are rocking it. Website >> here


L’URV; I bought the palm paradise tights almost 2 years ago ago now and they are still one of my favourites. (Ok I have many favourites) but their quality is so high and they are beyond comfortable for traveling, working out and even swimming in. Yep that’s right they have waterproof qualities for surfing, diving or snorkeling. If only I lived near a beach? There has been heaps of different funky patterns and styles out since I first purchased mine so I am looking forward to adding some more to my collection. website >> here 


JAGGAD; I have written a whole post about the quality of the Jaggad range as I have been a huge fan since they first launched. These tights are absolutely 100% NOT see through and have wonderful compression qualities for the extreme and the glamourous fitties. website >> here

FullSizeRender (14)

LILYBOD; the latest Aussie brand to hit the shelves in the UK I am proud of this little company for launching. They have some very funky patterns and I am loving the Zoe Runway black tights at the moment. They make me feel like a softball pro with my ‘socks’ pulled up and I get loads of compliments. On the affordable end of the scale you are going to want to snap some of these up before they raise they prices. Now available in ActiveInStyle on Kings Road for my London babes. Lilybod website >> here


When in doubt – trust the Aussie made quality. You will not regret any of these purchases!

Big Love !! K

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