I cannot believe it is actually January and the start of a new year! 2015 absolutely flew by for me (and I am assuming the majority of you as well) but what a year it was. Every year I say “oh best year yet for sure” which gets me thinking how insanely awesome my life will be when I am 80 if this best yet status keeps up. Life honestly couldn’t get much better than it is right now. Sure there are the ‘minor’ things that could change or need a little tweaking but I am Healthy, Happy and Having a blast! The three H’s! Hell yeah

Each year I learn something new about myself and go through a ‘growth’ period. I know it sounds a little horoscope like but the last three years have been very different from each other and quite categorised or driven around a certain growth. 2012 was all about finishing my architecture degree, 2013 was all about growing up and moving out of home, 2014 was all about health and fitness and the corporate 9-5, and 2015 was all about travel and new experiences.

2015 for me was a big ‘growing’ journey but I guess each year is in its own way. I quit my job, sold almost everything I owned, drove across Australia, traveled the world and experienced 9 countries, cuisines and cultures. I moved to London with my 16kg backpack, a handsome bearded man and a credit card (don’t even get me started on the bill I’ve racked up on it) and now live in an apartment over looking the (monochrome) gorgeous city of London. My life is very different to what it was a year ago that’s for sure. I may not be the fittest or leanest that I have ever been or would like to be but I sure am the happiest. My jeans don’t fit and I am busting out of the seams of some of my favourite clothes, but I like to think of it as holding on to all of the memories I have collected along the way. Definitely gained more memories than kilos haha. I lost my routine and became less strict on myself and realised that there was more to life than abs and thriving to be skinny like the instagram cover girls. BELIEVE ME! Thank goodness that phase is over. My focus now is strong and fit with one hell of a booty. Seriously you should see it – it is out of control. No wonder my jeans don’t fit.

I have met some seriously inspiring and beautiful ladies this year who motivate me EVERY DAY to be a better person and challenge myself to reach my goals. There is no place like home and Australia will always have my heart but I am really starting to love London. I am new to the London scene and am slowly starting to make friends but my goodness there are so many wonderful fit and healthy inspiring ladies in this massive city bursting with infectious personalities and Fem Power.

So this year is about finding ME! At a big crossroads in my life both physically and mentally, financially and career-wise, I am off to find what it is that I want to do for the rest of my life. What is it that makes me get up in the morning (ummm food? duh) and what I want to focus my time and energy on. I need to create a brand for myself. Be unique, be creative and take a chance on myself. Stand out from the crowds. I know that my mind is constantly in ‘think’ mode and it is time to put some ideas to paper, or screen because everything is done on the internet these days. I have decided to take some time off Architecture and follow my passion in health and fitness. I want to inspire people, motivate people and work alongside like minded driven people everyday. I don’t want to sit still. I have so much energy to offer and it is about time that I do something I truly love. So the time is now and I couldn’t be more excited for what the year has to offer.

2016 ? What do you have in stall for me baby? Because I am coming for ya at full force! (I would like to say wealth but that ain’t happening haha) Happy new year every one!! Thank you for following me and reading my blogs. Your support is everything. Now it is your turn. Write a few notes down or have a think about your year ahead. Set some goals and smash them. And most of all remember ‘if you aren’t happy, move. You aren’t a tree’ 


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