2015; PART TWO

WOW!! Can you believe that it is officially the second half of the year. A whole 6 months has been since 2015 kicked off with a bang. I know the old saying always goes, time flies when you are having fun but seriously fun or not (definitely fun) the days are going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast and it is the weekend before I can blink. No complaints but now that we are embarking on the second half of the year I can t help but feel a little eeeek of panic!! I am loving my life at the moment and finding that absolute balance between work and play. I have definitely fallen off the band wagon with my usual routine since moving house 2 weeks ago and so I am working on that. Life is all about falling off and getting back on. So here’s to the next 6 months of 2015. Let’s make it  a goodie!


There are;

21 weeks until summer

176 days until Christmas

8 weeks left of winter

182 days until 2016

Time to get that coffee, sweet treat and weekly planner out and get planning!!!


Ok so with that all said. What have you achieved over the last 6 months? Are you proud of yourself ? Do you look back with regret or disappointment? Did you expect too much of yourself? Did you set yourself realistic goals? Or more importantly did you stick to them?

My goals coming into the new year of 2015 were – To save money. To get hot! and to become a kick ass architect with a killer blog…. hmmmmmm!!! What do you want to get out of the next half of the year?? Because now is your chance. There is nothing more exciting then setting yourself new challenges and starting FRESH! new months are fab for this but new half years are even better!!!

My challenges and goals for the next 6 months? Ok here goes;

PERSONAL; to love myself for who I am. AND practice yoga and meditation. It is about time I get that head stand sorted and take some deep self loving breaths.

FITNESS; to be able to do 10 chin ups unassisted. This has always been a goal of mine (nothing more badass than a chick who can do chins) but considering I have never really attempted them nor done anything to get better at them I’m not surprised by my skill or lack of.

HEALTH; to banish ALL guilt and negative relationships I have with food. That’s right – eat a whole damn donut with a smile on my face. Guilt and food are two things that should NOT be associated. Life is too short to be strict on yourself and ‘hate’ yourself for what you eat. Food is there to nourish you and is way too good for a bad rep.

MONEY; this is a difficult one for me because some days I just want to save save save and other days I am like … $456 on gym gear.. yuh ha!! BUT whilst I am not saving for a house deposit or putting my money into shares, I want to conserve my money and spend it on things that will make me wiser and add value to my life…not materialistic value. Like travel! Travel is the only thing that you can spend money on that will make you richer…? that’s the famous quote right…

CAREER; do something different! I love my architecture lifestyle and job BUT I am ready for a little step back from the 9-5 desk. I want to experience working in the health and fitness industry because this is a clear passion of mine. I want to help people become the best version of themselves. I want a reason to JUMP out of bed at the crack of dawn and smile! I am not sure what exactly I need to do this but I cant wait to start exploring and find out. I think it will start with a big ass coffee!!!

LOVE; Get engaged! haha just kidding there is no rush for that. BUT I am honestly more happy and in love than ever so if I can stay this way … BRING IT ON! More adventures and gelato eating in Rome please!


Now your turn! Write them down and stash them away somewhere to pull out in 6 months time. Be realistic and create the life you WANT to live.

“If you are unhappy, move – you are not a tree” – unknown


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