So its winter in Australia which means two things; our bodies go into hungry bear hibernation mode right? and the cold weather just makes us want to eat pasta, pizza and pies all day long. There is no hiding the fact that our appetites increase as the temperature decreases and we start to crave comfort foods. Therefore instead of going for an evening walk after work or hitting the gym early in the morning we chose to reside to the couch with something warm. No judge!!


Here are some healthy and HOT winter snacks that will keep you warm and comforted without added the extra layer of fat.

1. POPCORN; now I am not talking about the butter and trans fat laden popcorn that you get at the movies or the freakishly coloured or caramelised stuff that comes from the supermarket. Pure popcorn is a wonderful hot healthy snack and 3 cups worth only contains around 80 calories (who’s counting though?) Make your own popcorn with coconut or olive oil and sea salt.

2. HOT CHOCOLATE; again another naughty tasting warm comforting drink that is associated with weight gain and fat. Think again. Just make the right type of hot chocolate and skip the extra cream and sugar. I love using cacao powder, coconut sugar and almond milk in my hot chocolates. Perfect winters night on the couch accompaniment.

3. MATCHA LATTE; similar to a hot chocolate just a different kind of flav. Matcha lattes are all the rave at the moment. Make your own at home using this recipe >> HERE on the blog. Loving the Matcha Maiden brand for 100% pure matcha! And the green tea will also add a huge metabolism kick and antioxidant boost especially when teamed with some dark choccy!!!

4. APPLE CRUMBLE; Love a good apple crumble in winter. Who doesn’t! Now this is more of a dessert than a snack right? But it is the perfect winter dessert and any food after dinner is technically a snack. Recipe for my healthy winter apple crumble >> HERE.

5. HOT BLUEBERRIES; Simple yet effective! Perfect for topping on a few scoops of Greek yoghurt. If you eat them on their own use a dessert fork because they get messy! Simply microwave about 1/2 cup for 30-40 seconds! delish!

6. ROASTED ALMONDS; save yourself some trouble and buy these from your local health food store or make them yourself. Almonds are a great high protein fat burning snack and can curb ALL cravings! Just limit yourself to about 24. Any more than that and you have overdone it.

7. CARAMELISED BANANA; Banana, coconut oil and cinnamon sautéed in the fry pan make for the most delicious treat when you need some comfort and sweetness in your life. Try it today.


8. OATS; porridge is not only THE PERFECT winter breakfast but can also be a great sugar craving cruncher of a snack. Microwave 1/3 cup of oats with milk for 2 minutes and serve with some cinnamon, nuts or chia. Even hot berries!! It will keep you full, warm and promote healthy hair growth >> more info here.

9. BAKED APPLES; uhhhhhh yum! baked or fried apples with come coconut oil and cinnamon are THE perfect winter snack. If you don’t have access to an oven to bake them you can sautee them or even easier use the microwave at work. Simply chop up the apple. Place it in a bowl or mug with a bit of water and microwave for 2 minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon and eat with a fork! mmmm warming and sweet!

10.VEGE CHIPPIES; Kale, brussel sprouts and sweet potato are all great vegetables to make chips out of. Even carrots and parsnip. Oh and zucchini and eggplant. If you can chop it up into a ‘chip’ shape and make it crunchy… it’s a chip. Try my Brussel Sprout chip recipe >> HERE.



Let’s fight those winter cravings together!!!

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